How to backup Samsung Galaxy S3 using ClockWorkMod Recovery

Published on June 17th, 2012

Backing up your Samsung Galaxy S3 (or any other Android smartphone) is an essential and important part of owning an Android smartphone. This is not just any simple backup like backing up your data in your SD card or your contact or mails. What I mean is a full system back up of your Samsung Galaxy S3. So that if something happens, specially an internal OS error that could not be remove, you can easily restore your phone to a functional and problem-free state (ROM).


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To backup Samsung Galaxy S3, and create a ROM, you will need to root your Samsung Galaxy S3. And you will also be needing ClockWorkMod Recovery. The easiest way to root your Samsung Galaxy S3 and get a ClockWorkMod Recovery installed in your phone is through CF-Root. You can read more about it here: How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 using CF-Root

Steps on How to backup Samsung Galaxy S3 using CWM Recovery

1. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S3
2. Turn it on again by pressing Volume up + Home button + Power button all together.
3. ClockWorkMod Recovery will automatically be loaded.
4. Use the Volume Up/Down to navigate and choose Backup and Restore
5. Choose Backup with power button
6. Backing up process will now begin. It may take sometime depending on the data or installed files in your phone.
7. After it has finished backing up, select reboot system now. And you are finished!

The ROM or backup file that the ClockWorKMod Recovery generated is located in your Samsung Galaxy S3’s external SD Card (by default). So make sure you have a good amount of extra space on your SD card. The file is located at sdcardclockwordmodbackup. It is recommended to copy/move the ROM from your phone’s SD card to your computer or to another storage device for recovery purpose. You can copy it again back to your phone’s SD card when you need to recover it.

Here’s a video on how to backup Samsung Galaxy S3 with ClockWorkMod Recovery:



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  • Jimmy_boss_007

    Can’t Mount backup path… Why?

    • pbando

      Same here but it seems I found some workaround, if i go to the “install zip from SD card” option in the install menu, then it mounts the externalSD card correctly and after that the backup works.

  • Rfabbri

    Supposing I get this back-up file made onto my microSD card. QUESTION: Can I read the actual text content of that file, that is, can I see all my Contacts, read all Memos, read my Calendar, see my Photos, etc. ???

    • whatswithjeff

      nope and yes. the files are somewhat incryted i think. If you have programming knowledge or how to open those backup files you might be able to see them. But with those characters

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  • I can’t find backup and restore option in ClockWorkMod Recovery mode

    • try to download the latest clockworkmod recovery

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