Why PlayStation Vita Release Date is Delayed until Next year?

Published on August 5th, 2011

Japanese gets to enjoy PlayStation Vita this Christmas; the rest PlayStation Vita release date moved to 2012

Sony’s PS Vita is, unfortunately, will not be available this Christmas season for us. PlayStation Vita release date has been moved. Lucky for the people of Japan, they get to enjoy PlayStation Vita this December. So the rumor about the leaked release date were not true after all.


sony playstation vita release date
Kazuo Hirai, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. announced that the PS Vita will be released this Christmas Season but only in Japan before the end of December.

kazuo hirai sony entertainment playstation vita release datePS Vita will be released on US and in Europe next year, 2012. And perhaps later of 2012 for Canada, India, Singapore, Philippines and other countries in the world.

Mr. Hirai said that the reason why PlayStation Vita release date was moved and the reason for the delay is because Sony wants to come up with a solid game software that will be offered at the time of PS Vita’s launch date.

Luckily Sony PlayStation Vita price is still the same; $299 for the 3G/WiFi version and $249 for the WiFi only version.

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  • I’m not a game myself, but, I’m looking forward to have my own PS soon! I’m really getting envy with my friends, I guess, I should wait for this one! Don’t you know that NIKON also delayed the release of their D800 DSLR, not because of any marketing strategy, but, because of their plant was badly affected by the earthquake and tsunami which happened this year. Tnx for sharing, Jeff! =)

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      Congrats on your adsense earnings! hope we can buy our dream DSLRs soon!

    • Linasvale

      fuck you nonsense! Childish

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