Samsung Series 5 NP535 vs Series 5 NP350: (AMD vs Intel)

Published on June 20th, 2012

Should I buy Intel-powered Samsung Series 5 NP530 Ultrabook or AMD-powered Samsung Series 5 NP535?

Now that Samsung has released its latest Samsung Series 5 NP535, an Intel counterpart of the Series 5 NP530 Ultrabook, you might probably be confused on which notebook should you choose. In this article, let us compare the Series 5 NP535 (AMD model) and Series 5 NP530 (Intel model), for both 13 inch and 14 inch display model. I am aware that Samsung also released an earlier version of the NP530, but the model that I used here to compare with the NP535 are the latest NP530 models.


Now the Samsung Series 5 NP535 (AMD) and Series 5 NP530 (Intel) are very similar. They also look the same. They are like twins. But the difference lies beneath its hood. For you to have a better picture, I have outlined the specifications of Series 5 NP530U3C-A01US 13.3-Inch Ultrabook, Series 5 NP535U3C-A01US 13.3-Inch Laptop, Series 5 NP530U4C-A01US 14-Inch Ultrabook, and Series 5 NP535U4C-A01US 14-Inch Laptop. And for you to understand it better, we do not call the new Series 5 NP535 (AMD powered Laptop) an Ultrabook. Since the term “Ultrabook” is exclusively used by Intel, and Ultrabooks generally refers to Intel-powered Ultrabooks.

Specifications Comparison Table

[table id=37 /]

Basically, the main different between the four model are their processor and built in graphics accelerator. For the Series 5 NP350, both the 13 inch and 14 inch model are powered by the same Intel Core i5 3317U 1.7GHz dual core processor. I’m not sure how will this par with AMD A6-4455M 2.1GHz processor though. But the AMD A10-4655M 2.0GHz Quad core processor found in the 14-inch model of Samsung Series 5 NP535 could be the faster processor amongst the four models.

Next is the graphics, while the Series 5 NP530 13-inch model and 14-inch model are powered by the same Intel HD Graphics 4000, its not the same case with the Samsung Series 5 NP535. These two new models are powered by the latest AMD “Trinity” graphics that supports DirectX 11. Since I do not have first hand experience with the AMD “Trinity” graphics, I did some research, read some reviews and all. It’s hard to find reviews for the HD 7500G and 7620G since they are relatively new.

But based on my “research” the AMD Radeon HD 7500G and Radeon HD 7620G are generally faster or on par with the Intel HD Graphics 4000. I saw some AMD Trinity-powered notebooks that were able to play Diablo III in a 720p resolution with all the settings maxed out. But that was with the 7660G model. Nevertheless, AMD was able to catch up with Intel through there latest processors/GPUs.

Other difference that they have doesn’t have a huge impact on the overall performance of the Ultrabook/notebook. So I’ll move on to the price. As you can see in the table above, the Samsung Series 5 NP535 13-inch model is cheaper compared to the two NP350 Ultrabooks. However, the Series 5 NP535 14-inch model, that is powered by an AMD quad core processor and Radeon HD 7620G graphics, is the most expensive among the NP350 and NP535 models. Since it offers more or better specs (indicated by green text color) compared to the other three models.

Consumers now a days are becoming smart buyers. They look for reviews and check the specifications first, whether it would fit them. But in the end, it all comes down to the price. Usually the product with the better pricing offer wins. For this, I think the new Samsung Series 5 NP535 is the winner here.

If you are going to ask me, would I buy the Series 5 NP535 models? And which one?
Samsung Series 5 Notebooks/Ultrabooks are really not my first choice, honestly. I would still prefer the new Asus Zenbook, ASUS Zenbook Prime Ultrabook to be exact, or Apple MacBook Pro (despite the price) since I am more into publishing than gaming. Yes I know they are expensive, but its really worth it!

Anyway, when it comes to processors, I prefer Intel processors. But in this case, if I were to choose from the four models then I would definitely go for the Samsung Series 5 NP535 14-inch model. It’s a little bit expensive compared to the NP530 Ultrabook, but it has better specs.

Photo Comparison

Click on the image for larger view.

Series 5 NP535 / NP530 13-inch model Series 5 NP535 / NP535 14-inch model
Front View
Top View
Back View
Right Side
Left Side

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  • Jorge

    nice review… thanks

  • Deely

    wow, did you confuse me. you say, “As you can see in the table above, the Samsung Series 5 NP535 models are cheaper compared to the Ultrabooks”. The 535 14″ is shown as $899.99 and the 14″ ultra book is shown as $859.71, which makes the ultra book more affordable.

    are you confused?

    • whatswithjeff

      Yikes! you’re right,
      Thanks Deely! I have revised the article and changed it according to the price.
      I’m not sure thought if the price you have seen is the same price I saw when I first made this article. The prices in the table are changing from time to time without my knowledge.
      Anyway, thanks again! ^_^

  • white

    Is the A6 processor sufficient for basic activities (email, word, opening 10 pdfs at once, ppt)? I might open them all together, but I don’t intend to game or edit videos/pictures. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

    • whatswithjeff

      Hi White!
      Yes, the A6 is sufficient for your basic activities. Are you planning to go with the Samsung Series 5 NP535U3C-A01US 13.3-Inch ?

  • Brian

    Has anyone tried to upgrade the HDD to SSD? I need an encrypted SSD and windows 7 pro. But I’m a bit concerned that the express cache may actually get in my way of upgrade and install of windows 7 pro. Also what height is the HDD?
    Samsung has terrible specs on their website. Some say all 14″ have vga, some sites say it doesn’t. You would think it was a ma and pop shop!

    • jeff

      I agree with you. Samsung’s site is very confusing. They are not specific with the models, and sometimes the images are different. You need an encrypted SSD? have you tried the Integral Crypto SSD

  • Bhuber

    I am looking at the two 14 inch models. The NP535U4C is $729 at Amazon while the NP530U4C is $829. On Amazon for the NP535U4C there is a review in which the person says he installed a Samsung 830 SSD which is a 7.5 mm SSD. He claims it was easy.

    • jeff

      I haven’t checked it out yet. But each people has his own way of tinkering their devices.
      Are you planning to get a Samsung Series 5? And are you planning to install an SSD?
      I think there’s no problem as long as the SSD will fit in the laptop

  • Bhuber

    I actually bought the Intel NP530U4C-A01US and loved the computer except that the wireless adapter kept dropping connection. I finally returned it to Amazon. I have followed it on the Amazon website and others have had the same problem, however, one reviewer claims to have a fix for the problem. Because I liked the computer so much I am now thinking about the NP535U4C-A01US and adding a 256gb Samsung SSD. Not sure yet what I am going to do. Want to make sure the AMD version is not significantly slower. Also the specs on the Samsung website are incorrect for the NP530U4C-A01US as it has a 5400 rpm drive not a 7200 rpm drive as the website claims.

    • jeff

      That is what I hate about samsung’s website. Their specs and pictures are so mixed up. So can’t tell which model is which.
      Intel versions are usually better.

  • Bhuber

    Just found the NP535U4C-A01US on Amazon for $649.00. That is $180.00 les than the Intel NP530U4C-A01US. I bought It and will post my thought after I get it.

    • jeff

      AMD is usually cheaper than Intel. Looking forward to your experience.

    • Lingke

      Hey how is it?
      Because i got confused which one is better and worth it to buy

      • jeff

        Hi Lingke
        How much is your budget and where would you use it for? Usually people would go for the Samsung Series 5 NP530U4C-A01US (ultrabook). But for gaming purposes the Samsung Series 5 NP535U4C-A01US (AMD) is not bad either.

  • leomel

    I am planning to get the AMD version NP535. I would like to know if adding a 4 gig ram would significantly improve its performance? Also, can a 32 gig SSD be fitted to it slim case since it appears there might not have a room for such an upgrade? Please advise if its actually possible. Thanks in advance.

    • jeff

      Adding a 4 gig ram would improve its performance. But not significantly. There are many factors involved so that we can say that the upgrade somehow “significantly” improve its performance. I’m not sure about the SSD though.

  • James

    Is the A6 processor good enough to run CAD software like solidworks and/or inventor?

    • Hi James!
      I haven’t tested real life benchmarks and applications using the A6 processor. But since the A6 stated above is just a dual core I’m not sure if you will have a smooth experience when running or using Solidworks/Inventor. I suggest you go for quad core processors.

  • John

    Well… since you dont know anything about the inside parts, this “review” is a waste of time… Sorry…

    • Hi! Sorry but this is not a “review” of the laptops. This is a comparison of the different models the Intel one and the AMD. I ever I got a unit, a review will be posted and the article will be different from this one.

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  • DJ


    i just bought the Samsung 535U3C A02 and i really appreciate the look and the light weight… I was just wondering now if I bought the wrong model….
    I’d use it for for basic activities (eg. email, word) but also for editing short radio programmes..IS the AMD A6 processor sufficient?

  • DJ


    i just bought the Samsung 535U3C A02 and i really appreciate the look and the light weight… I was just wondering now if I bought the wrong model….
    I’d use it for for activities like wod, email and excel but also for editing short radio programmes..IS the AMD A6 processor sufficient?

    • Hi DJ!
      What do you mean that you “bought the wrong model”?
      I think AMD A6 is sufficient. By the way, what kind of programmes are you editing? Is that Audio only? Or does it include video or visual graphics? If Audio only, A6 is enough.

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