10 Best Video Games of 2010 by CNN

It’s already 2011 and this will be my first post of the year. Today is 1-1-11 (January 1, 2011). Many say that dates with same number is lucky. Anyway, it’s time to summarize 2010, look back at what had happened and start a new beginning this year. Let’s see what 2010 has left us in the form of the 10 best video games for the year 2010.


Today let’s take a look at what CNN writer, Scott Steinberg, considered as the best video games of 2010.
The top picks are as follows:
1. “Heavy Rain” (Sony, PlayStation 3)
2. “Red Dead Redemption” (Rockstar Games, PlayStation 3/Xbox 360)
3. “Super Mario Galaxy 2” (Nintendo, Wii)
4. “Mass Effect 2” (Electronic Arts, PC/Xbox 360)
5. “Rock Band 3” (MTV Games, PlayStation 3/Xbox 360/Wii)
6. “Call of Duty: Black Ops” (Activision, PC/PlayStation 3/Xbox 360/Wii)
7. “FIFA 11” (EA Sports, PC/PlayStation 2/PlayStation3/PSP/Xbox 360)
8. “God of War 3” (Sony, PlayStation 3)
9. “StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty” (Blizzard, PC)
10. “Halo: Reach” (Microsoft, Xbox 360)
You can read the entire details here

Frankly, I am not sure what did he use as a criteria for selecting the 10 best video games of 2010. But I am still searching for other site which have their best video games for the 2010.

I will be posting more summaries of the 2010. Looking behind, forgetting things, putting them in history and looking forward. I am still expecting for the Diablo III. For now this game is what I have been waiting for. Oh, yeah Crysis: Be the Weapon is also a game you’ll want to wait for.



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