2011 Big Games List

2011 is just around the corner. IGN come up with a 2011 Video Games Release Timeline. This is a list of the new Big Games that we will be expecting to be released next year, 2011. A lot of titles here are already expected by many gamers to show up by 2011.


There are two list here, the Seasonal Release and Actual Release Dates. Seasonal Release Games has no specific dates unlike Actual Release Dates of a particular game.

Winter 2011:
Child of Eden
DC Universe Online

Spring 2011:
Pokemon Black & White
Shift 2 Unleashed
Team ICO Collection
Yakuza 4
L.A. Noire

Summer 2011:
Shadow of the Damned
Warhammer 40K: Space Marine

Fall 2011:
Batman: Arkham City
Forza Motorsport 4
Call of Duty
Gears of War 3
SSX: Deadly Descents
The Last Guardians
Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One
Mass Effect 3

January 2011
Little Big Planet 2 – January 18
Mass Effect 2 (PSP3) – January 18
Dead Space 2 – January 25

February 2011
Conduit 2
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – February 15
Bulletstorm – February 22
Killzone 3 – February 22

March 2011
Deus Ex: Human Revolution – March 8
Homefront – March 8
Dragon Age 2 – March 8
Shogun 2: Total War – March 15
Crysis 2 – March 22
Fear 3 – March 22

April 2011
Mortal Kombat
Portal 2 – April 20

May 2011
Red Faction Armageddon
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings – May 17

September 2011
Resistance 3 – September 6
Rage – September 13

November 2011
Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – November 1
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – November 11

That would be the entire list. Notice that there are still games that are expected to be released on 2011, but it’s not on the list. Don’t worry, IGN will update this list as soon as publishers can commit to tighter release dates.

I was expecting Diablo III is going to be on the list already since everybody is expecting it to be released on 2011.

Like I said earlier, IGN will be updating this list throughout the year, so make sure to visit their site and bookmark it and keep checking back.
Original Post: IGN 2011 Video Game Release Timeline



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