Important Things to Know Before Buying a MacBook

3 Important Things to Know Before Buying a MacBook

Important Things to Know Before Buying a MacBook
MacBooks are laptops designed by Apple in different variants, considering the basic and advanced needs of its users. These devices run on macOS and integrate the features necessary to carry out essential computing tasks.

MacBooks are one of the major revenue sources for Apple as users of all types, including students, professions, and entrepreneurs, prefer buying these fine devices alike. With the introduction of the M1 chip, the MacBooks have become even more powerful and expensive too.


With MacBooks, you get the option to buy either an Intel-based device or an M1 integrated one. Air and Pro are the two options these ultrabooks are available in.

MacBook Air is the thinnest, sleeker, and light-weight laptop available so far for newbies, bloggers, or students. They are good for modest use with less resource-intensive tasks.

MacBook Pro is an ideal purchase for professionals such as graphic designers, entrepreneurs, programmers, etc. These are advanced devices integrating higher specifications required to handle high-end tasks.

If you are planning to purchase a MacBook, the information provided in this article will help you make an informed buying decision. Read this to understand different specifications and know your options.

Screen Size: 16” or 13”

As for the MacBook Pro models, you get the option to get either a 13-inch or a 16-inch variant. If you opt for a 16-inch model, you will get better audio and video display, an enhanced cooling system, a reliable GPU, and of course, a larger screen.

Not to forget, the 13-inch MacBook Pro variant comes with invaluable features, the M1 processor being a major attraction. It accelerates the speed, improves your performance, and enhances overall productivity.

Battery Life: 10 Hours vs 13 Hours

macbook battery life
Whatever model you purchase, portability and longevity come complementary, which are essentially fundamental to laptops. With Apple’s M1 processor, MacBook Air usually lasts for over 10 hours, whereas Pro for more than 13 hours. It’s worth mentioning that MacBook Pro 16-inch variants integrate larger batteries with more than 12-hours of survival capacity.

With all good things come certain limitations, and the higher sounds of the Pro fan is something you have to deal with in your everyday life. As far as MacBook Air is concerned, they are fanless and thus handle both simple and intense tasks silently.

Internal Specification: What’s Upgradable & What’s Not

macbook upgrade
Buying a MacBook is a fantasy for many, yet it’s a great purchase decision for those who invest in them. Knowing every single aspect of MacBooks is important to avoid being surprised later.

MacBooks allow users to upgrade the internal specifications for minimal and that too at the time of purchase. Once you bring your extraordinary ultrabooks home, you are not able to do any modifications to its hardware.

When it comes to storage, you can select anywhere from 256 gigabytes to 2 terabytes. It may store all its data, including the files, folders, apps, operating system, and so on, onto one single disk.

You may never encounter performance or battery issues until your storage reaches above the 85% mark. Beyond that, you may start getting startup disk error messages that often result in performance lags and slowdowns.

The above-mentioned information allows you to know about the screen size, storage, battery life, and a few specifications. That’s not the end of the road. The more you know about MacBooks, the easier it would be to decide what model and variant you should purchase.

The Touch Bar: You should explore other features such as the Touch Bar, the speakers, the ports, and more. The Touch Bar in your MacBook is the touch-optimized panel that gives access to the apps and the keyboard. It allows you to swipe, zoom, scroll, slide, and tap using various gestures.

The Ports: No matter if you are buying a Mac, MacBook, Windows laptop, or PC, you must always consider the number of ports you get. The more ports you have, the more will be the number of peripherals and gadgets you can connect to the device. Having fewer ports means you need to connect external dongles, connectors, and other accessories.

M1-powered models, namely Pro (13”) and Air (13” and 16”), integrate two Thunderbolt 3 ports. With Intel-based MacBooks, you will get around four ports, all working over ThunderBolt 3 technology. The Retina Display feature enables MacBooks to deliver high-resolution pixel density along with unbeatable graphics quality.


So there you have it. Hopefully, you will find the information in this article useful. In case you are planning to purchase a Mac and are still on the fence about the decision, learning more about what the computer has to offer ought to help you decide. And that is the purpose of the article you just read.



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