Gadgets That Will Keep Your Kids Safe At Home

5 Gadgets That Will Keep Your Kids Safe At Home

Parents and caretakers are often responsible for protecting youngsters, and it is up to them to consider the safety risks around their homes and communities. Unintended childhood harm is a major global health issue. Most accidental damage occurs in the household and is preventable in children below 5 years of age. Parents are obliged to consider countless risk factors for at least the first 10 years of their children’s lives.


There are various injury prevention methods that include a number of fluid strategies, relative to the age and stage of development the child is in. However, parents still report finding it difficult to decide which strategy to use, and when. That’s why we thought you should check these 5 essential gadgets for your child’s safety.

Gadgets That Will Keep Your Kids Safe At Home

1. Spy Cameras

If you’re looking to purchase a nanny cam, there are a few important things to consider. First, how often do you need to see the surveillance, and how far away from other monitoring systems will you be? If you have neighbors nearby who also have children, the digital models would definitely prove handy, since obtrusion with baby monitors is a big issue. Sometimes the nearby parents might get the same baby monitor and then realize that they can see a stranger’s kid when it is turned on. The comprehensive guide here can help you get a better understanding of the best spy cams on the market right now. Another thing to look out for is the long cord connected to the display in some models, which might lead to strangulation, since baby monitors are often placed at close proximity to the crib.

2. Infant Movement Monitors

Parents get up and take a look at their children in their cribs more than once every night just to make sure they are still alive and breathing. This work could be done by a rather simple motion sensor. If your baby stops moving for more than a few seconds, the system will alert you instantly. All you have to do is place all sensors under the mattress, and you will be able to take action if something goes wrong.

3. Swimming Pool Alarms

Swimming Pool Alarms

Pool monitors can be an improvement in the safety of the child in a swimming pool, or in a gated area. The alarm goes off when a child falls into the pool or a designated area, calling for emergency action.

4. Vocal Smoke Detectors

As a parent, your worst nightmare is probably waking up to the smoke alarm and smelling smoke, while the children are divided or isolated in separate rooms and there is no way of getting to them across the soot and fire. Vocal smoke detectors allow you to capture your voice, ordering the children to wake up and giving emergency guidance to them. When the fire is sensed, the system can play your previously recorded message with the escape directions to help your family get to safety.

5. WiFi Video Doorbell

Leaving your children home alone is definitely one of the most nerve wrecking experiences for parents. The worry stems from the fact that we live in a time where anyone can realize you’re not home, and use this opportunity to possibly harm your children. That’s why it’s imperative for the child to see clearly who is ringing the bell, and hence never open to strangers,

Even though it’s not an emergency safety measure, when it comes to child obesity, a pedometer can make a difference. Before having your children measured, assess their interests and look for ways to inspire them to become more physically active.

Finally, remember that there is no replacement for adult supervision. Monitor your child at all times because kids don’t realize the risks. Young children cannot be held accountable for their own actions. So, teach them prevention and always demonstrate it to them.



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