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6 Must Have Sports Apps for Mobile Users

We’ve all heard the expression “there’s an app for that,” and in the past year or two it’s become increasingly true. The expression implies that for any task a mobile phone or tablet user could ever have, an app exists to make it easier. This is now true in all kinds of different genres – entertainment, news, gaming, etc. – and is more relevant every day for sports fans in particular! With that said, here’s a look at a few awesome apps for sports fans.

ESPN ScoreCenter Sports App

espn scorecenter sports appsThis is probably the most basic, and most popular sports fan app out there. Directly from ESPN, the ScoreCenter app brings you scores, match times, and news updates for your favorite teams all across sports. Whether you want it just as a quick way to check in on scores, or you want to take advantage of its automatic alerts (for breaking news, final scores, etc.), this is a vital app for any sports fan.

Coach’s Eye Sports App

coach's eye sports appsIf you’re into coaching or playing your favorite sports, rather than just watching, Coach’s Eye is for you. Basically, this is an app for recognizing and analyzing technical form. Whether it’s your tennis serve, golf swing, etc., this app allows you to film your form for visual feedback and analysis.

Exchange Betting Sports App

betfair sports appThis handy little app from BetFair Exchange allows you to check in on any sports bets you may have made, or any you may consider making in the future. Sports betting may not be your thing, but if it is this is an easy tool for logging into your account and checking up on how you’re doing, as well as placing bets from remote locations.

Yahoo! Fantasy Sports

Yahoo! Fantasy Sports sports appIf you’re fantasy fanatic – and let’s be honest, most sports fans these days are – then this is a must have app. Yahoo! and ESPN tend to compete for fantasy users, but many believe this app is the more user-friendly, bringing all of your fantasy teams together in one convenient location. You can manage rosters, check up on news, and even conduct player transactions all from your phone.

WatchESPN Sports App

watchespn sports appThis app is free, but does require a compatible cable user name and login to be of any use. Provided that your cable company works with the app, logging in allows you to stream live ESPN content and highlights from your mobile device at all times. Basically, it brings your live, televised sports to your phone.

Team Stream Sports App

bleacher report team stream sports appSome debate whether or not Bleacher Report is the highest quality sporting news site – but very few would disagree with the statement that BR tends to get the news out quickly, and in bulk. If you’re looking for quick-hitting, “top-10” style articles or just the most thorough stream of headlines out there, BR’s “Team Stream” app is for you. You simply pick out your favorite teams and enjoy a constant string of interesting updates.


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