How Can Ademero Document Management Software Help your Business: A Review

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Who would want their documents unorganized, hard to find, or worst lost? Nobody, right? Document management, specially today now that everything is in digital form, is crucial, not only for large businesses or enterprises, but also for small businesses. So how do you manage your ever growing documents? The solution is simple, you just need a document management software can help you organize all your documents, and this is where Ademero’s DMS comes in.

Ademero, Inc. is a US company based in Central Florida. They specialize in document management and organization. Ademero Business Services offers a variety of services to help your organization with document-related problems. They offer full service document imaging, document-management implementation process, solution migration/conversion and hosted document management.

Aside from those, Ademero has the Content Central Document Management Software, an all in one browser-based document management software that basically automates the approval processes and streamlines the document workflow. In other words, Ademero’s Content Central makes things faster and easier when handling documents in your business or organization.

How Can Ademero Content Central Document Management Software help my/our Business?

Below is a general overview of Ademero Content Central. Watch the video below:

In a gist, the Content Central DMS can do the following; Approval Processing, Electronic Capture, Paper Capture, Colaboration, Distribution, Editing, Forms Processing, Indexing,  Integration, Packets, Search and Retrieval, Security, Storage, Support and Assistance, Version Control, and Workflow. It’s a total solution for document management.

The Key Benefits of Ademero Content Central

Information are Centralized – Ademero’s Content Central can handle any type of document, from paper to digital documents like emails and scanned documents. The software routes all of this information to a secure, organized and centralized file storage area.

Digital Approval Processes – The software makes sure the every document is routed to the appropriate department of parties after they have been approved or edited.

Faster Notification and Distribution – It’s not only about automation, but Content Central can also make things a lot faster. The company can easily notify their customers right after a transaction is finished, automatically.

Less Expenses for Hard Goods – Keeping hard copies of your documents can the expensive. From buying papers and other hard materials, investing on storage room, time spent to retrieve and store documents, Content Central can eliminate all of these thus converting into a huge savings for the company.

Enhanced Audit Trail – Content Central logs everything that has happened to the document. You can easily monitor the documents, where it came from, where it will be going, who have seen the documents and more.

Easier Maintenance – Since the documents are already in digital form, you can easily back up all your documents or archived them easily for future use.

A Simplified Office – Ademero’s Content Central has everything you need when it comes to document processing. The document management software comes in a single package at an affordable price.

Try Ademero Content Central for Free

Ademero Content Central Document Management Software is truly a promising software. If your company is having problems with document processing, or the flow of the documents within your company is slow, then it won’t hurt by giving Ademero’s Content Central a shot. You can download a free trial of the software here: Free Trial Ademero Content Central
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