Shocking News! Alodia Gosiengfiao Says Goodbye To Cosplaying

Alodia Gosiengfiao, the cosplay goddess and cosplay queen of the Anime and cosplay community here in the Philippines and also to the world, has decided to stop cosplaying. What?! Why? Watch the video below to find out her reason.


Alodia, while in her Super Mario costume, announced that she won’t be doing cosplay anymore last March 26, 2011 at SM Cyberzone TechnoLife Affair Fans Day. Well, I think she took that video on that day because she’s wearing her super mario costume. She uploaded her “Bye Bye Cosplay” video on her Facebook Fanpage last March 28, 2011.

What? could you believe it? She’s quitting cosplay for real?! I understand that she wanted to focus on her studies, but you can still do cosplay even if you go to school.

But wait, didn’t she graduated already years ago? Aha! “THING!” What school does she plan to attend? Rumor has it that the “school” that she will be attending is not an ordinary school. The name of the school is Academia Island.

I will post more about this Alodia quitting cosplay issue soon once I dug more information about this. But rest assured Alodia fanatics, I bet she won’t quit cosplaying. Once an anime lover, always an anime lover, once a cosplayer, always a cosplayer! ^_^



3 responses to “Shocking News! Alodia Gosiengfiao Says Goodbye To Cosplaying”

  1. It was an April fools joke! Almost as good as the Maria Ozawa instant noodles Aprils fools

    1. Hahaha that was my first hint because she announced it prior to April Fools day. But, I guess she might be having a project with Bong and Lucky.

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