amd a6-3500 triple core apu

AMD A6-3500 Triple Core APU Specs, Released Date and Benchmark

AMD A6-3500 is the Triple Core Version of A6-3600

AMD A6-3500 Triple Core APU is next. Fudzilla was able to confirm that a triple core version of its A6-3600 Llano APU will be available by Q3 of 2011. AMD has already launched and shipped two of its Llano APUs, namely the A8-3850 and A6-3600 (quad-core).


amd a6-3500 triple core apuThe A6-3500 Llano APU will only have three cores enabled, unlike it’s big brother A6-3600 which has four cores. Could it be possible that the fourth core in A6-3500 is hidden and can be unlocked? We do not know yet, it’s just a speculation going around. And if it can be, it’s up to feature motherboard which has core unlocking capabilities.

AMD A6-3500 is built with Radeon HD 6530D GPU, with 320 stream processors and 433MHz of GPU clock. Whereas the three cores has 2.1GHz each and can reach to 2.4GHz with Turbo. Below is a A6-3500 specs summary:

AMD A6-3500 Triple Core APU Specifications:

  • Family: AMD A6 Series
  • Model Number: A6-3500
  • CPU Clock: 2100MHz
  • Turbo Frequency: 2400MHz
  • Socket Type: Socket FM1 with 905-pin micro-PGA Package
  • Number of Cores: 3
  • Microarchitecture: K10
  • Platform: Lynx
  • Processor Core: Llano
  • Manufacturing process: .032 micron
  • Data Widtg: 64bit
  • Level 1 Cache: 3x64KB instuction caches and 3x64KB data cache
  • Level 2 Cache: 3x1MB
  • Thermal Deisgn Power: 65Watts
  • Integrated Radeon HD 6530D @ 443MHz and 320 Shader Units
  • Fasted Memory supported: DDR3-1866

If your looking for a specific release date for A6-3500, unfortunately it is currently undisclosed. All we know is that it will be available sometime in Q3 of 2011. AMD A6-3500’s price or SRP is also yet to be disclosed but based on the pricing trends for APU, AMD A6-3500 will most probably be priced under $100 USD.

AMD will also be launching A4-3300 and A4-3400 dual core APU in Q3 of 2011 together with A6-3500. To complete AMD’s lineup for 2011, the budget processor E2-3200 Llano APU will be released on Q4 of 2011.

AMD A6-3500 has also been benchmarked already using 3DMark 06 benchmark. Check out the A6-3500 benchmark below:
amd a6-3500 triple core APU benchmark



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  1. Chedin_bcf Avatar

    can apu combine hd5830 graphic

    1.  Avatar

      most probably. But there is much to find out when it’s finally in our hands and other pc enthusiast are able to tinker with it

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