amd a8-3870 apu

AMD A8-3870 APU features Unlocked BClk Multiplier

AMD A8-3870 Llano APU is built for easy overclocking

AMD has unveiled their upcoming processors one by one. From Llano APUs to Bulldozer APUs. Now AMD is preparing for another Fusion A8 Series desktop Accelerated Processing Units with unlocked BClk multiplier for easy overclocking, the A8-3870 APU (not to be confused with AMD’s old 3870 graphics card.


amd a8-3870 apuLike Intel’s second generation processors has the “K” on it, the A8-3870 is really made with an unlock base clock and is designed for overclocking. However, it was not made to replace the A8-3850 instead its expected to be available with the latter. Below is a brief specification of A8-3870.

AMD A8-3870 specifications:
Clock Speed: 3.10GHz @ 4 x86-64 cores
GPU Core clock: 600MHz
Stream Processor: 400
Graphics: Radeon HD 6550D DirectX 11
Memory: DDR3-1866MHz dual channel

AMD A8-3870 release date is expected to be sometime in the Q4 or fourth quarter of 2011.



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