AMD Bulldozer FX-8000 Series 8-Core Processors more leaked info

AMD’s FX-8000 Series 8-Core processors is reported to launch this September 2011

According to reports, some undisclosed Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers is said to leaked details of the upcoming AMD Bulldozer FX-Series Processors. These Bulldozers are the 8-Core processors and belong to the FX-8000 series family.


amd bulldozer fx-series 8 core processors specs and release date
Mass production AMD FX-8100 and FX-8150, 8-core Bulldozer processors, will commence on August and will be launched this coming September 19, 2011. Unfortunately AMD will not release all of its cards this coming September. Only the FX-8100, FX-8150, FX-6100 and FX-4100 will be launched.

Details of AMD FX-6100 and FX-4100 can be found in my previous post here: AMD Zambezi FX Series Clock Speeds Unveiled

Below are the AMD Bulldozer FX-8000 series specifications and released dates:
AMD FX-800 Family Desktop Processor Specifications

Processor Technology32nm SOI32nm SOI32nm SOI32nm SOI
Cores8 Cores8 Cores8 Cores8 Cores
Core Freq2.8GHz3.1GHz3.6GHz3.9GHz
Turbo Freq3.7GHz4.0GHz4.2GHz4.5GHz
L2 Cache1MB per Core1MB per Core1MB per Core1MB per Core
L3 Cache8MB shared Cache8MB shared Cache8MB shared Cache8MB shared Cache
IMC SupportDDR3-1866 dual-channelDDR3-1866 dual-channelDDR3-1866 dual-channelDDR3-1866 dual-channel
Black EditionYesYesYesYes
Turbo Corev2.0v2.0v2.0v2.0
Launch DateSept. 9, 2011Q1 2012Sept. 9, 2011Q1 2012

But that’s not all, AMD has still more Bulldozer processors to be released by next year, first quarter of 2012. These are the higher-end models that has a Thermal Design Power or TDP of 125W and 95W. These are also 8-core processors namely AMD FX-8170 and FX-8120.

This Q4 marks the beginning of a new generation war between Intel’s second generation processors and ivy bridge processors against the first wave of AMD’s FX Llano and Bulldozer processors. Next year will be the real match between Intel’s Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge-E, and more of AMD’s Bulldozer processors.

Currently, in terms of price and performance, AMD is still the “smarter choice”, IMHO. But if you want pure core power, Intel’s second generation processors are still king of the ring.

Source: VR-Zone



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