AMD Bulldozer and Llano Price Now Available

Price for AMD Bulldozer Zambezi FX-Series and AMD Llano APUs disclosed

Finally, price for AMD Bulldozer Zambezi FX-Series processors and AMD Llano Accelerated Processing Units (APU) are revealed and made public. The FX-series Zambezi and APUs are said to be in par with Intel’s Sandy Bridge. Both the Bulldozer and Llano have 4 or more cores, a memory controller, a graphics processor and PCI-Express switch in a single silicon.


Here is the price list for the AMD Bulldozer and Llano processors:
AMD Llano APUs Prices:
E2-3250 Dual Core – $70.00
A4-3350P Dual Core – $80.00
A6-3450 Quad Core – $110.00
A6-3450P Quad Core – $130.00
A8-3550 Quad Core – $150.00
A8-3550P Quad Core – $170.00

AMD Bulldozer FX Series Prices:
FX-4110 Quad Core – $220.00
FX-6110 6-Core – $240.00
FX-8130 8-Core – $290.00
FX-8130P 8-core – $320.00

Sources: Industry Sources, compiled by Digitimes May 2011.

Based on the price list above, AMD’s prices are very competitive with Intel. As usual, they offer a cheaper alternative to Intel’s 4-core, 6-core processors. The Llano Processors is the entry level processor starting with a dual core which is in par with Intel’s Pentium G620 to G800 processors. And it is followed by Llano Quad core processors which is in par with Intel’s Core i3 2010 up to Core i5-2300.

AMD has also it’s Bulldozer FX-series to combat Intel’s second generation i5 and i7 processors. FX-series starts with FX-4110 which is in par with Intel’s Core i5 2500, the only 4-core processor of the FX series. Followed by the FX-6110 which is a 6-core processor which is in par with Core i5 2500K. Lastly we have the octo-core or the 8-core Bulldozer FX-series, the FX-8130 and FX-8130P which is in par with Core i7 2600 and i7 2600K.

It is undeniably true that the new AMD Bulldozer and Llano processors has a lower price compared to Intel’s second generation processors. This is one major advantage of AMD over Intel. But the big question is, can AMD defeat Intel’s processors in terms of performance? Can the 8-core FX-8130/8130p outperform Intel’s Core i7?

It’s too early to say yet. Remember it was AMD who first released a 6-core processor in the form of Phenom II X6, but it could easily be out perform by a mere Intel i5 second generation quad-core processor. Again more more cores doesn’t mean more processing power.

Let’s just wait for the benchmarks to come out. ^_^



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  1. Ronald Medlicott Avatar
    Ronald Medlicott

    Given that I am semi retired, low purchase and operating costs are high on my list. Looking for a low power video editing system, the A6 3450 APU looks just fine. I was about to upgrade to a Phenom II 955 and AMD 6670 but will sit pat until these APUs and their M/Bs are available. 4 GB RAM, 6450 GPU, HD and even my Cooler Master CPU cooler can be swapped across which is a very useful cost saving.

    1. I agree. Same here, I’m currently using AM3 and I’m considering an upgrade to Phenom II X4. But It seems that AMD’s new lineup are very promising and I would rather upgrade to AM3+ and go for the APUs.

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