AMD FX-8130P Bulldozer Benchmarks Leaked: True or Not?

An AMD FX-8130P Bulldozer processor benchmark surfaced. Could this be the real stuff?!

A purported AMD FX-8130P Bulldozer Banchmarks was leaked. I first read this article on VR-Zone but the AMD Bulldozer’s model was not disclosed. Now at TechPowerUp, the name AMD FX-8130P surfaced. Both VR Zone and TechPowerUp have one source and that is DonanimHaber.


The AMD bulldozer benchmark was made possible using AMD FX-8130P processor paired with Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 and a 4GB Kingston HyperX DDR3-2000MHz dual channel memory running at DDR3-1866MHz. The setup was paired with a GeForce GTX 580. The FX-8130P was clocked at 3.20GHz (16 x 200MHz). Using AIDA64 Cache and Memory benchmark, this Bulldozer processor shown a great improvement from the previous Phenom II X4 and X6 processors. Below is a summary of the results for the AMD FX-8130P Bulldozer benchmark:

Benchmark System: Score
3DMark11: P6265
Fritz Chess: 29.58, 14197 kn/sec
PCMark 7: 3045
Cinebench R10: 24434
X264: 45.39 fps (2nd Pass), 136.29 (1st Pass)

Click on the image to view larger version:

amd fx-8130p bulldozer processor benchmarkamd fx-8130p bulldozer cpu-zamd fx-8130p bulldozer super pi 1m
amd fx-8130p bulldozer aida64 benchmarkamd fx-8130p bulldozer fritz chess benchmarkamd fx-8130p bulldozer x264 benchmark
amd fx-8130p bulldozer pcmark 7 benchmarkamd fx-8130p bulldozer 3dmark 11 benchmarkamd fx-8130p bulldozer cinebench benchmark

As you can see in the result above, the AMD FX-8130P Bulldozer processor is quite impressive. The Bulldozer can clearly compete with Intel Sandy Bridge like Core i7 2600K and is more than 50% faster than Phenom II X6 1100T.

The system was initially tested with Super Pi 1M which resulted in 19.5 seconds. Based on the results, the AMD FX-8130P is highly competitive with Intel’s LGA1155 Sandy Bridge quad core processors.

This FX-8130P Bulldozer benchmark is still an engineering sample and we still have to wait for the official release of these processors to get the utmost accurate data to prove Bulldozer’s ability. But more or less we will have an idea of what can the upcoming Bulldozer processors do. AMD FX-Series Bulldozer Processors are expected to be released by August or September.

AMD fanboys, is it time to celebrate? Could Bulldozer be the shining key to victory over Intel’s line up?



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