AMD FX 8 Core BE Processor Zambezie

AMD FX Zambezi Bulldozer Processor Sneak Peek

It’s time for AMD to shine again. Here we have a sneak preview of the upcoming new AMD Processors. AMD code named their new processors as “Zambezi” which is based on AMD’s latest architecture Bulldozer.

Based on the Box-art of AMD FX Zambezi, you can see that there will be a 4-core and 8-core black edition of these new processors. There will also be a 6 core for these lineup but we haven’t got a box art of it yet.
AMD FX 4-Core Zambezi Black Edition Processor Box Art
AMD FX 4-Core Black Edition Zambezie AMD FX 4-Core black Edition processor Zambezie

AMD FX 8-Core Zambezi Black Edition Processor Box Art
AMD FX 8 Core BE Processor Zambezie AMD FX 8 Core Black Edition Processor Zambezie

AMD has decided not to name these new set of processor but instead they decided to call it “FX” processors. These FX processors are the next generation processors of AMD. The pictures you see above are just concept art for the box of the AMD FX 4 Core Black Edition and FX 8 Core Black Edition. They may not be the actual box when AMD will officially release the product to the public.

There will be four types of processor for the AMD FX lineup:
1. FX4110 4 Core processor – this will be their entry level processor
2. FX6110 6 Core Processor – this will be their mid level or mid-range processor
3. FX8110 8 Core Processor – obviously this will be their high end processor
4. FX 8130P 8 Core Processor – this will be much higher than FX8110 (Just like the Phenom II X6’s 1055T and 1090T)

All of these processor will be in Black Edition format. And you know what that means overclockers and enthusiast right? This means multipliers are unlock and can do whatever you want with this processors.

Here is the AMD FX Specification Sheet:

AMD FX-series of Microprocessors Due in 2011
Model FX-8130P FX-8110 FX-6110 FX-4110
Cores 8 8 6 4
L2 Cache 8MB 8MB 6MB 4MB
L3 Cache Up to 8MB Up to 8MB Up to 8MB Up to 8MB
TDP 125W 95W 95W 95W
Memory 1866MHz 1866MHz 1866MHz 1866MHz
Black Edition Yes Yes Yes Yes
Turbo Core Yes Yes Yes Yes
Packaging AM3+ AM3+ AM3+ AM3+
Process Technology 32nm SOI 32nm SOI 32nm SOI 32nm SOI

Based on the specs sheet above, AMD FX processors might prove to be a worthy opponent of Intel’s 2nd generation core series (maybe…). Luckily AMD, decided not to make another platform for these new processors. Most probably a BIOS update will be released to support these new processors like they did when they released the Phenom II X6 processors.

If you are a AMD fanboy, and you are planning to upgrade soon, you might want to wait for AMD FX processors. AMD FX is said to be released by June 2011. So it’s just around the corner. AMD lover’s it’s your time to shine! ^_^



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