AMD Radeon HD6970 Cayman specs leaked

Recently, if you try to search for “Radeon 6970” not much information is available yet. A few leaked information on its performance and the news about its delay. AMD Radeon HD6970 Cayman will not be available until next year Q1. I managed to get some specs of HD6970. This are just leaked information and specification about 6970 and not the whole picture of it.

Here are the specifications I gathered out, AMD Radeon HD 6970 Cayman…:


  • Is built with 1536 stream processors! Now that’s a lot of stream processors.
  • Has 32 ROPs (Raster Operation)
  • 96 Texture units
  • 2GB of GDDR5 memory
  • 2 DVI ports
  • 2 mini Display ports
  • HDMI port

Much of the specs of HD 6970 is better than GTX 580. And most probably it could defeat GTX 580 in benchmarks and performance. But that’s too early to say yet. We still don’t know many things about HD 6970. But HD 6970 is one of the most awaited graphic cards out there. And I hope it won’t disappoint AMD Radeon fans out there. ^_^



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