android rooting guide

The Android Rooting Guide: Things You Need to Know

If you are an Android Phone user, you will most probably encounter the term “root” or “rooting” your Android phone. In most cases, people ask some of the most common questions like “what is rooting?” or “how to root your phone” or “what are the advantages of rooting” or the “disadvantages of rooting“, or even “is rooting your phone safe?“. I’ll try to answer and give light to some of these questions, after that, it’s really up to you (the user) to decide whether to root your android phone or not.


android rooting guide

What is Rooting (Android Phone)?

Android Rooting is process of giving your devices (whether smartphones or tablets), running on Android Operating Systems, a privileged control or “root access“. Normally a user can not browse or make any changes to the system files and other hidden files located in the phone’s internal memory. But when you root your phone, you will have access to the system files and other stuff that you don’t have access with. Rooting your Android phone is similar to Jailbreaking a device running on Apple iOS operating system.

Why Root Your Phone?

Rooting is usually performed with the intention to change or alter something on the phone, whether customization of the looks, functions and the performance of the phone, or even changing the operating system itself.

Advantages of Rooting

There are several advantages of rooting your phone, I’ll just cite some of the advantages:

  • The ability to have administrator-level access
  • Run specialized android apps that requires root access
  • The ability to browse and edit or alter system files
  • The ability to backup your phone, partially or the whole phone itself
  • The ability to create a backup or Nandroid ROM of your phone
  • The ability to install custom ROMs to your phone
  • and more…

Disadvantages of Rooting

But rooting your phone is like a double edge sword. While there are many advantages, it may also be dangerous to your phone:

  • Rooting your phone voids warranty
  • Rooting your phone can temporarily or permanently brick your phone
  • Root files will become vulnerable to malwares and spywares
  • If nor properly done it could damage your phone

But, despite the dangers of rooting your phone, the advantages outweighs the disadvantages of rooting. Just be careful and make sure you are using the right tools and files when rooting your phone.

Can You Unroot After?

If you can root your phone, you can also unroot your phone. As well as remove the indicator that your phone has been rooted or customized.

How to Root or Unroot Your Phone?

Rooting your android phone is a case to case basis. Each type of phone has its own kind of rooting process. The files and tools used are not the same from one phone to another. Some Android phones will need an “” file to root and “” file to unroot. While others requires flashing your phone’s ROM to have root access. You will also need a specialized app called SuperSU or SuperUser to give root access to other specialized apps that requires root permission.
If you want to know how you can root or unroot your phone, drop me a message or hit the comment section below and I’ll try to post an article on how to root your phone here.

Hope this helps and don’t forget to share this with other android users.



32 responses to “The Android Rooting Guide: Things You Need to Know”

  1. ferdinand marte Avatar
    ferdinand marte

    What do I need to root Cherry Mobile Blaze (S180)? tnx in advance.

    1. Hi Ferdinand
      I’ll check on this and see what I can do for you.
      I’ll email you soon.

      1. legmanned Avatar

        i have the same querry. thanks in advance, jeff

      2. ronald jack Avatar
        ronald jack

        hello.. please help me root my cm blaze (S180)

        1. Hi ronald, I don’t have a CM Blaze and I haven’t tried rooting one. But I believe you can find a solution on how to root your Cherry Mobile Blaze S180 here. Please do read the instructions carefully as well as the users feedback. Rooting is potentially dangerous and could brick your phone. Good luck on rooting your CM Blaze S180!

  2. Farrukh Avatar

    I am using Samsung Galaxy Y S5320. How can i root my phone? Is it possible that rooting increase y phone’s internal memory? Could you please send me step-by-step procedure?

  3. Pavan Dugyala Avatar
    Pavan Dugyala

    Please provide me the rooting details of “Micormax Superphone Elite A84”

    1. Hi Pavan, I couldn’t find a proper procedure for how to root Micromax Elite A84. Have you tried all in one rooting tools used in other micromax phones? although I wouldn’t recommend this since I haven’t tested it yet, nor I could find someone who have tried it.

      1. i also want to root my a84 badly. Can u give any solution to it?
        I will be very much thankful.

        1. Hi Manas!
          You mean micromax a84?

          1. Manas Das Avatar
            Manas Das

            Yes Peter want want to root my Micromax A84. Can you help me bro??

          2. Hi! Can’t seem to find a legit rooting guide for the A84. And I don’t have a unit to test it. Sorry, but I’ll keep looking.

  4. Farrukh Avatar


    After rooting i tried to install ICS on my Galaxy Y, without having Workload Recovery. My phone is stuck on Galaxy Y logo. Please help!

    1. Hi Where did you get the ICS for Galaxy Y? As far as I know, Samsung didn’t release an official ICS for the Galaxy Y.
      Your option is go back to recovery and flash an official rom for your Galaxy Y.

      1. Farrukh Avatar

        Hi Jeff,

        I got it from internet, i realized that was fake. How can i start the going back process, my phone is badly stuck.

        1. I mean what site? Go back to recovery by turning off your phone (remove battery if you can’t turn off) and then turning it on while holding power + home button + volume up. Make sure you download the proper ROM/Firmware first from SamMobile and flash it via recovery. The steps are just the same as flashing a custom ROM.

          1. Farrukh Avatar

            Hi jeff,

            Did it every way, but it got stuck on “Galaxy Y” logo. I tried to Stock Rom by using ODIN V1.87 but not work out. Problem is i am unable to open recovery mode. Any idea?

          2. Hmm… I did encounter this before. (Except that it was not a fake ROM) It’s just a soft brick. You really have only two options, either via Odin or CWM Recover. Just try and try again. Make sure to turn your unit off.

  5. hi evry1,
    i downloaded spectrum root file n xtractd it. then i connected my phone 2my pc. after enabling usb debugging mode, i ran the last app(not adb driver. i dnt remember its name. i think its a batch file). it says daemon started successfuly n then nthng happens. plz help me

    1. what is daemon doing in your root process?

  6. Mandy Maglasang Avatar
    Mandy Maglasang

    i have cherrymobile S180 and i need to root my phone. please help me

    1. Hi Mandy, sorry but until know I could not find a legit rooting tool for S180.

  7. can u teach me how to root my lg l3 e400 becouse i want to upgrade my 4n gingerbread to ice cream there is an errow while i rooting my pc can u plz help me

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