Angry Birds Hogs and Kisses Expansion

I’m sure you have probably played Angry Birds, if not, you definitely have to try it. It’s the most popular game around (Like Plants vs Zombie during 2010). An expansion was developed in line with the Valentine Season; Hogs and Kisses.


Hogs and Kisses is an expansion for one of the most popular game Angry Birds. This new expansion is based on Hearts Day or in celebration with Valentine’s day. It has 15 new levels that will surely make you busy trying to hit those pigs.

Hogs and Kisses has lots of new features. You will see flying blocks and flying pigs with bows and arrows. There is also an unlockable bonus level adding 3 more levels. You just need to click the link that pops up.

If you have downloaded the Angry Birds already, you can download hogs and kisses for free here:
iPhone: Hogs and Kisses
Android: Hogs and Kisses

Angry Birds Hogs and Kisses Screenshots:

Angry Birds Hogs and Kisses

Hogs and Kisses



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