Antec announces new HCP Platinum 1300 PSU, USB and Mobile Chargers and AMP Audio

Antec has introduced some of their new products for this year at Coputex 2012. The lineup includes Antec High Current Platinum series PSU or HCP PSUs, some USB/Mobile chargers and Antec A.M.P. audio players.


First we have the high-performance, enthusiast-level, Antec HCP Power Supplies guaranteed to take power supplies to the max. The Antec HCP-1300 Platinum is meant to complement its ‘little’ brother the Antec HCP-1000 Platinum. The HCP-1300 Platinum features a sleeved, Stealth Wire cables integrate seamlessly in your setup while a plethora of available connectors enable users to set up a 4-way SLi or CrossFire in no time. With Platinum-rated efficiency, ErP Lot 6:2013 and the all the strict energy standards already implemented in Antec’s other HCP Platinum units, the HCP-1300 Platinum offers the perfect foundation for those who want to build an environmentally-conscious setup that still goes easy on your wallet when it comes time to pay your electric bill.

The Antec HCP-1000 PLATINUM is now available on Amazon. See today’s lowest price here.

Antec also announced their upcoming Antec TruePower Gold series that will soon replace the entire HCP Gold line up. Antec’s TruePower PSUs were one of their popular lineups during the previous year.

Next, Antec did not limit their products for PC components alone, but has also expanded and ventured to new products line ups such as mobile and laptop accessories. First is the sleek and stylish line of portable USB devices, like the Antec UA4-25, that enables users to re-charge multiple smartphones and tablets quickly, like the Choiix Power Fort. The Mobile Solutions PowerUp series are a slim, lightweight, USB-equipped, battery packs that use Antec’s TruePower Mobile Technology to power-up your smartphones whenever and wherever you need it.

Antec will also be releasing a range of highly-effective notebook coolers and adapters for Notebooks that will allow travelers to charge their notebook computers anywhere in the world.

And last but not the least; Antec is putting the finishing touches on a series of audio devices that will introduce Antec’s elegant design and proven engineering skills to the personal audio market. Including an entire range of multi-colored headphones, Antec’s new a.m.p. line pushes the boundaries of “fashion technology” with products like the Antec Mix, a portable Bluetooth-equipped, personal sound system and the Antec Gain, a portable Bluetooth receiver with a compact form factor that can turn your favorite headphones into a wireless device.

The Global Marketing Coordinator, Mafalda Cobliani, was ask a series of questions about Antec’s new innovation and direction. Below were some:

What inspired Antec’s decision to move in this direction?
“As the user experience continually goes mobile, Antec is diversifying its portfolio to accommodate contemporary user’s demands.”

But does this expansion of the Advance line represent a major shift in focus for Antec?
“Absolutely not. PC cases and PSU will always be our core competency-period. But at the same time, Antec recognizes the increasing influence that mobile technology has in our daily lives. We have always been aware of finding the perfect balance between form and function. So in this regard, we are delighted to provide our users with fashionable and elegant devices that reflect their personality”.

Antec plans to roll-out the new product lineups, including the laptop accessories, beginning second half of 2012. Below is a list of Antec’s new product lineups inline with their advancement and expansion:

HDTV LED Bias Lighting kit
USB Battery Chargers
• Portable 2-Port USB Charger
• 4-port USB Charging Station
• 2-Port USB Car Charger
• Mobile Solutions PowerUp 2200
• Mobile Solutions PowerUp 5400
• Mobile Solutions PowerUp 3000
• Solutions PowerUp 6000

Laptop and Notebook Coolers
• Notebook Cooler Basic
• Notebook Cooler To Go
• NoteBook Cooler Mini

Travel sized Notebook Adapters

• In-ear ear buds available in NUMBER colors (Bluetooth)
• Bluetooth in ear headphones (Bluetooth)
• Portable audio receiver (Bluetooth)
• On-ear headphones (Bluetooth)
• Over-the-ear headphones (Bluetooth)
• Mix and ReMix portable Sound System (Bluetooth)



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