ASUS Announces STRIX Christmas Gaming Bundle

ASUS Announces Strix Christmas Gaming Bundle – 30% Less For ASUS Strix Gaming Peripherals

Christmas is about to be merrier if you’re a gamer looking for the best peripherals to further your gaming experience. ASUS is proud to announce the “Strix Christmas Gaming Bundle”, a promo offering a complete set of ASUS Strix gaming peripherals with a 30% discount, reducing the price to only PhP 9,990.00. The package includes an ASUS STRIX mechanical keyboard, mouse, mousepad, and headset. The promo is from November 20 until December 31, 2015.


ASUS Announces STRIX Christmas Gaming Bundle

ASUS Announces Strix Christmas Gaming Bundle

STRIX Tactic Pro Gaming Keyboard
Strix Tactic Pro is an ultra-durable mechanical keyboard engineered with lightning-fast response and a choice of Cherry MX switch types. It is also equipped with 13 dedicated and easy-to-reach macro keys for fast and hassle-free command customization. The Strix Tactic Pro is also equipped with on-the-fly macro-recording key, allowing actions and keystroke sequences to be captured without interrupting gameplay.

The Strix Tactic Pro offers a choice of software or plug-and-play hardware modes, enabling advanced personalization and easy installation for gaming on the go.

STRIX Claw Gaming Mouse
The Strix Claw is the ultimate gaming mouse for first-person shooters, crafted for those who demand killer precision, complete comfort and the competitive advantage — putting everything under control. The Strix Claw’s right-handed ergonomics are perfect for all grip styles, and especially great for the fingertip and claw-style grips that work best in first-person shooters.
With Strix Claw, gamers will say goodbye to annoying tangles and movement-stopping snags and enjoy unfettered mouse swiping, as the connecting cable is both angled and finished with high-strength braided fiber.

The Strix Claw is also supremely easy to set up and personalize, with a choice of software or plug-and-play hardware modes. The built-in 64KB memory lets gamers attach and play anywhere, with no installation hassles.

STRIX Glide Gaming Mousepad
Strix Glide Control is a high-quality mousepad finished with a premium heavy-weave fabric, providing a textured surface for games that require fine control and absolute precision.
The Strix Glide Control works brilliantly with either optical or laser mice and is manufactured with fray-resistant edges, which have been tested intensively for better feel, comfort and durability.

STRIX Pro Gaming Headset
The Strix Pro gaming headset is engineered with powerful 60mm neodymium-magnet drivers that deliver unrivalled punch and audio immersion that is utterly convincing. Gamers are treated to an audio experience that allows them to hear every gunshot and know enemies are nearby from their footsteps alone. It is also supplied with a USB-powered control box that includes a built-in microphone (mic) to enable highly-effective environmental-noise-cancellation (ENC) technology, detecting and countering more than 90% of environmental noise.
Great comfort and easy customization is what Strix Pro has to offer with its full-size hexagonal ear cushions that are also user-replaceable. The headset also benefits from a clever foldable design that allows the ear cups to lay flat, making it ideal for packing and bringing to a LAN party or tournament, while the detachable microphone boom is perfect for easy removal, travel and storage.

Strix Pro is also perfect for smartphones, tablets and for the PlayStation 4, with a combined audio/mic supplied for instant compatibility.

Price and Availability

The STRIX Christmas Gaming Bundle promo runs from November 20 – December 31, 2015, and is available in the following stores: Dynaquest, Gaisano Interpace, Octagon, PC Express and Villman.

For the price list of the individual products:

Product Name SRP Bundle Price
ASUS STRIX Claw Gaming Mouse PHP 2,890.00 PHP 9,990.00
ASUS STRIX Pro Gaming Headset PHP 4,690.00
ASUS STRIX Tactic Pro Gaming Keyboard PHP 5,590.00
ASUS STRIX Pro Glide Control Gaming Mousepad PHP 800.00




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