asus z87 motherboards price list philippines

Asus Z87 Motherboards Price List for Philippines Announced

A few weeks ago, Asus has officially released their entire lineup of the Z87 motherboards that is built for the latest 4th generation Intel Core processors, codenamed “Haswell“. These motherboards includes the Z87 Republic of Gamers (ROG), The Ultimate Force (TUF), and the standard Z87 socket 1150 motherboards. Check out more details below and their respective suggested retail price for the Philippine market.


asus z87 motherboards price list philippines

Asus has completely redesigned their motherboards for their Z87 lineup. They adapted a new color scheme (premium gold) for their standard motherboards, and added additional functions and connectivity options, specially for the feature rich Asus Z87 Deluxe. The Z87-A is aimed at more mainstream builds, while retaining exclusive ASUS features and fully tapping Z87 performance. Additional models positioned in between these are the Z87-PRO and Z87-PLUS. The Z87I-DELUXE brings Z87 to mini-ITX, while the Z87 WS meets the requirements of workstation applications, including professional design and content creation.

Meanwhile, the Asus Z87 ROG and TUF are built for PC Enthusiast, Overclockers and hardcore gamers who wants to push their system to the limits. These series are designed with enhanced cooling system and overclocking capability. Aside from that, the Gryphon Z87 and Maximus VI Hero are their newest addition to their TUF and ROG lineup respectively.

If you are still on a Sandy Bridge based system or even older, upgrading to the latest 4th generation Intel Processor paired with Asus latest Z87 motherboards would be a great investment for you. If you currently have the 3rd generation Ivy Bridge Intel Core processor with Z77 motherboards, upgrading would still be a good idea. But since there is only a 1 generation gap, I would suggest you wait for a couple of months before upgrading when prices starts to go down. Anyway, below are the prices of the Asus Z87 motherboards in the Philippines.

Asus Z87 Motherboards Price List in Philippines

  • Asus Maximus VI Hero – Php 21,990
  • Asus Maximus VI GENE – Php 15,990
  • Asus SABERTOOTH Z87 – Php 14,690
  • Asus GRYPHON Z87 – Php 10,490
  • Asus GRYPHON ARMOR KIT – Php 1,990
  • Asus Z87-DELUXE – Php 16,790
  • Asus Z87-EXPERT – Php 13,390
  • Asus Z87-PRO – Php 11,490
  • Asus Z87-PLUS – Php 10,690
  • Asus Z87-A – Php 9,390
  • Asus Z87-K – Php 8,390
  • Asus Z87M-PLUS – Php 8,590
  • Asus H87M-PRO – Php 7,190
  • Asus H87M-E – Php 5,690
  • Asus B85M-G – Php 4,490

The prices above are the suggested retail price or SRP which was sent out via a press release from Asus Ph. Prices are subject to change without prior notice and they might also vary depending on the local store.



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