Where are Bad Piggies Saved Game Files Located

Now that you have played Bad Piggies, and you must be enjoying it pretty badly right? I know, it is addicting and at the same time its really mind twisting. And you don’t want your hard earned game go to waste right? So you might be wondering where did those Piggies saved your save game data so that you can backup it to another storage or transfer the save game data to another device, right? Here I will be showing you where are the Bad Piggies saved game files located for Android and Windows PC. If you have a solution for iPhone and Mac please do share them in the comment section below.


[alert type=”yellow”]By the way: A lot of people stumble on this page looking for a Saved Gamed file. Perhaps a 100% completed Bad Piggies Saved Game File Right? See my notes below.[/alert]

How to Backup Bad Piggies Save Game for Android

For the Android Version, the save game data can be found at this directory:

For Non Hd Version: sdcard/Android/data/com.rovio.BadPiggies
For HD Version: sdcard/Android/data/com.rovio.BadPiggiesHD

You may need to root you Android device first and use a Root explorer so that you will be able to access the said folder. I think you can interchange the save game data for the HD version and non HD version.

How to Backup Bad Piggies Save Game for Windows PC

For Windows PC, the files are very much accessible. Make sure that hidden folders are set to “Unhide” from the Folder Options -> View Settings. Those Bad Piggies have saved the game data in the following folders:

For Windows 7: C:Users”username or name of computer”AppDataLocalLowRovioBad Piggies
For Windows XP: C:Documents and SettingsOwnerLocal SettingsApplication DataRovioBad Piggies

There you have it. You can easily backup your game or transfer it to another unit, like what I did. We are playing Bad Piggies in my desktop but we also want to play it on a laptop. We have unlock several levels already and don’t want to do it all over again. So we copied the saved gamed data and paste it in the folder on the laptop.

Unfortunately I do not have the save game data location for iPhone, iPad, iOS and Mac. I’m not sure with Windows Phone either. If you any idea where did those piggies kept your game data please do share them below.

Bad Piggies Saved Game Files for Windows PC

I noticed that a lot of visitors stumbled here not because they are looking on where are the game files are saved, but they are looking for a 100% completed save game file, right? To accommodate that I did a little research and found a 100% completed save game file. It was posted by a forum member of AndroidCheats. I haven’t tried this though, please download and use it with caution. You can download the files here.



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  1. thanks a lot i needed to instal new os for my system so needed to back up the game data thanks dude

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