Battlefield 4 Gameplay Video Released – Fishing in Baku

Published on March 29th, 2013

Battlefield 4 is one of the most awaited first person shooter game to be released this year, 2013. Just two days ago, a video of Battlefield 4 gameplay was posted revealing to us 17 minutes of breath-taking epic gameplay. The video was entitled “Fishing in Baku” and was simultaneously posted in the official Battlefield YouTube channel, EAVision channel, and even in EASingapore channel. According to the video description, “the video was shot entirely in-game and is the first glipse of the human, dramatic, and believable single player campaign in Battlefield 4”. You can watch the entire Battlefield 4 gameplay below.


Based on the video alone, players will get to experience a new gameplay, larger and more challenging maps, different vehicles and scenarios, and best of all kick ass graphics quality.

EA Digital Illusions CE (DICE)’s Battlefield 4 was officially announced the other day, March 27, and is now available for pre-order. It is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Battlefield 4 is expected to be released by Q4 of 2013. But you can pre-order one now here.

battlefield 4 gameplay video

If you are interested in pre-ordering Battlefield 4, you might also be interested in knowing the game’s system requirements. If are able to play Battlefield 3 in your computer without any problems, then playing BF4 shouldn’t be a problem also. But putting the graphics to all max settings is another story. Below is BF4’s PC system requirements for your reference:

battlefield 4 system requirements

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Processor: Core 2 Quad 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon II X4 2.8 Ghz
  • RAM: 3GB
  • Graphic card: DirectX 11 or 11.1 compatible Nvidia or AMD ATI card, ATI Radeon 6450 or higher, Nvidia GT 520 or higher.
  • Graphics card memory: 1024 MB
  • Sound card: DirectX compatible sound card
  • Hard drive: 15 GB for disc version or 10 GB for digital version

Recommended System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 8 64-bit
  • Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD CPU
  • RAM: 4GB or more
  • Graphics card: DirectX 11 Nvidia or AMD ATI card, Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti or AMD Radeon 7950.
  • Graphics card memory: 1 GB
  • Sound card: DirectX compatible sound card
  • Hard drive: 15 GB for disc version or 10 GB for digital version

Just a comparison, if your PC can run Crysis 3 at max settings without any problem, then you shouldn’t have any problem playing BF4 at all.


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