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Top 10 Best Battery Saver App for Android

One of the things that concerns Android users is how they can save their battery to prolong the number of hours they can use their Android phone or tablet. There are various ways like disabling some functions or doing all sorts of stuff. But there are also apps that can help you save battery. These so-called battery saver apps are usually free and easy to use. You just install them, activate and your good to go. Some best battery saver app offers additional features like task killer, power consumption logs, indicators, and etc. But the bottom line is, these battery saver apps saves a certain percentage of power from your battery, thus extending the number of hours you can use your device. Check out the list below.


Best Battery Saver App

Best Battery Saver App for Android

Note: I will continue to update this article. I might add or remove some apps, based on user’s feed-backs or the rating of the app itself. But for now, below are my choice for best Android battery saver apps.

Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) by Ksmobile

Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)

With One-tap power saving, battery doctor can offer customized power-saving suggestions according to your battery juice consumption. It can also give you an estimate time of usage with the current battery level you have. Moreover it would also let you know the different power usage for different activities you do on your Android device.

One of the best feature about this battery saver app is that it under-clocks the CPU frequency of the device to the very low frequency when the screen is turned off. Thus saving power specially when the phone is not in use.

You can download Battery Doctor and find out more about this app here

Easy Battery Saver by 2Easy Team

Easy Battery Saver

Easy Battery Saver is a powerful yet easy to use power manager app specifically designed to extend battery life and optimize using habit. This battery saver app saves your battery by intelligently dealing with phone’s network connectivity, screen time out and screen brightness. What’s more, the considerable sleep schedule setting will save your battery when you are sleeping.

Easy Battery Saver is easy to use by four preset saving modes and advanced customized mode. Just choose one mode, the battery problems will go away.

You can download Easy Battery Saver and find out more about this app here

Battery Saver Du&Switch Widget by Dianxzt

Battery Saver Du&Switch Widget

Du Battery Saver would dispel your worry of the dying battery and free you out of the life tangled by cables! This battery saver app features revolutionary UI design of main page, brand new reform of those smart widgets, whole refactor of Settings page, one-key Diagnostic & Auto optimization upon the result, more manual optimization offered after diagnostic and many more.

Find out more about Battery Saver Du&Switch Widget and download the app from this page here

2x Battery – Battery Saver by Sam Lu

2x Battery - Battery Saver

2x Battery extends many extra hours to the battery life by managing Internet connection intelligently and in the background. You don’t need to manually turn on/off the Internet connection anymore. This app extends battery life by using a smart algorithm to turn on/off the Internet connection, reduce battery consumption and data usage, but still keep the important background data synchronized.

Find out more about 2x Battery and download the app from this page here

JuiceDefender – Battery saver by Latedroid

JuiceDefender - battery saver

JuiceDefender – Battery Saver app is a powerful yet easy to use power manager app specifically designed to extend the battery life of your Android device. Packed with smart functions, it automatically and transparently manages the most battery draining components, like 3G/4G connectivity and WiFi.

You can download and check the full features of JuiceDefender from this page here

Battery Dr saver+a task killer by aipopDev

Battery Dr saver+a task killer

Battery Dr Saver + A Task Killer is a multi function app that not only saves you battery life, but you can also manage some tasks and functions of your phone. Some features of this battery saver app are:

  • Help you to kill tasks quickly and reset your phone easily!
  • Show battery health,temperature, talktime etc.
  • To improve your phone’s battery,you should kill running tasks,adjust screen brightness(volume),turn off wifi, GPS, bluetooth, Auto-sync etc.
  • Battery Dr saver is the best Battery Improver/Battery Booster/battery saver tool.As your Battery Helper,it helps you to improve battery life .
  • Includes: Power Management(Battery Management),Battery Notifier, Battery Monitor,Power Control,task killer.

You can read more about Battery Dr Saver and download this app from here

GO Power Master -Battery Saver by GO Launcher EX

GO Power Master -Battery Saver

Designed by GO Dev Team, GO Power Master #over 10 Million Users Choice# is a powerful, smart, and easy to use battery saving tool which able to prolong the battery endurance time by 50%. It intelligently manages your battery use to your own needs and runs automatically after configured.

The Go Power Master battery saver app features the following:

  • Pre-set 3 default and 2 custom battery saving modes
  • One key battery consumption optimization
  • Smart mode switching by battery power/time
  • Smart toggle on/off control when screen off
  • Apps power consumption monitoring and analyzing
  • Calls, reading, network, audio, video, phone idling endurance time calculating
  • Battery temperature monitoring and abnormal status alert
  • Battery information shown in status bar
  • White list for apps
  • Widgets with 4×1 and 1×1 size
  • Various themes for notification bar and widgets
  • Detailed battery user manual

To read more about Go Power Master and to download this app, visit the page here

One Touch Battery Saver by TACOTY CN

One Touch Battery Saver

Like the name of this battery saver app says, it really is a one touch batter saver app. This app features the following:

  • Battery Monitor, clearly shows the status of battery life and usage.
  • Switching & managing Wifi, bluetooth, GPS, background light, sound, synchronization in one touch, saves battery with efficiency.
  • Self-Customized Saving Mode, user can adjust the battery saving setting freely to fit each one’s needs.
  • Battery Usage Setting, will adjust the battery usage status automatically to monitor the battery life more accurately.
  • 3 different battery models to choose, to fit your needs and style.
  • Tab widget: comes with 2 styles (1×1, 2×1), different styles of widget allow you to turn on the app with one tap! Easy and fast!

To learn more about One Touch Battery Saver and to download this app, go here

Bataria – Battery Power Saver by Jappka

Bataria - Battery Power Saver

Bataria is a simple battery saver application, designed to save your battery’s life when you most need it.
The new version of Bataria lets you move your device easily into power save mode with just one tap, and even manage your active apps from the same place. This battery saver app was designed to be small and efficient, including status bar battery and 1×1 battery widget for quick operation

Find out more about Bataria and download this app here

Battery Defender by INFOLIFE LLC

Battery Defender

And last, but not the least, in fact this battery saver app has been downloaded for so many times already – the Battery Defender saves the life of your battery by:

  • Automatically disable WiFi and data connection after you turning off your screen(with 15~20 secs latency).
  • Genius Sync, allow app to sync every 15 minutes but save battery.
  • Quiet sleeping. Disable data network and WiFi connections when you are sleeping. Sleeping time can be adjusted as your prefer.
  • Low Battery Policy. When battery is running out, it will disable data network and WiFi when you are not using your phone.

Find out more about Battery Defender and download this app here

There you have it. The list could go on and on. There’s just so many apps being developed and published. But let’s just select the app that works best for us. Just a tip, don’t install these battery saver apps altogether. Try them one by one and find the best that works for you and suits your preference. Happy batter saving!

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