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Top 5 Must Have Best Running Games for Android

After the success of Temple Run, many running games or dash games were created by different developers and game creators. Temple Run isn’t the only best running game out there. In fact there are many running games or dash games for Android that are better than Temple Run. Below are my top 5 must have best running games for Android, hand picked by me.


Subway Surfers

First on my list is Subway Surfers from Kiloo Games. You take the role of a kid named Jake running away from the grumpy Inspector. Help Jake escape from the inspector and maneuver across the rail roads. Aside from running, jumping and sliding, you can also use a skateboard to escape. The latest version has three players that you can use.

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Download Subway Surfers for Android here


Second is The End or TheEndApp from Goroid. It’s pretty much a running game. Your character takes on different obstacles in a ruined city. I’m not sure why, but unlike in other running games where you collect gold or coins, in TheEndApp you collect duct tapes instead. The game is challenging and will test how fast you react.

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Download TheEndApp for Android here

Angry Gran Run – Running G

Third is Angry Gran Run from Ace Viral. Make granny run like wild in the streets. Help her to escape from the Angry Asylum. Granny sure is angry, make her jump and throw some flying kicks on street punks to escape.

angry gran run apk

Download Angry Gran Run – Running G for Android here

Agent Dash

Fourth in my list is Agent Dash from Full Fat. You play here as an Agent, and your objective is to infiltrate different villainous bases and destroy them. You can also use different spy gadgets like jetpacks, parachutes and more. You can even compete with your Facebook friends with Agent Dash.

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Download Agent Dash for Android here

Running Fred

Fifth is Running Fred from Dedalord. If you want something really challenging that will test your skills and abilities, then try Running Fred. It offers different obstacles (insanely dangerous) that you need to traverse and reach the end to survive. It’s also blood splatting, body smashing and gore galore. Not recommended for children!

running fred apk

Download Running Fred for Android here

CrazyFist II

CrazyFist II from PG Soul is on my runner up list. It’s basically like Temple Run except that it offers a different theme. Chase the death god and defeat him while running. You can play as a warrior, sorcerer and many more.

crazy fist ii apk

Download Crazy Fist II for Android here

There you go, the games above are my top must have running games for Android. They all offer great 3D graphics and effects. Just choose the best theme that would suit your taste.



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