Bleach 460 Release Date – Bleach Manga Chapter 460

When is the Bleach 460 release date? What will happen in Bleach Manga 460 Chapter?

If you are following Bleach manga, by now you should have been reading Bleach Manga chapter 460. But hey, where is it? How come there is no Bleach 460 English or scans until now? There will be no manga release for this week. Bleach 460 release date will be next week because of a Japanese festival.


UPDATE: Bleach 460 is now available! See Bleach 460 English Scans are out! Read Bleach Manga Chapter 460

Japan is currently celebrating a three day festival called the Obon festival or Bon festival for short. It’s the time of the year when people give honor to their departed ancestors. Obon is supposed to be celebrated during the 13th to the 15th day of the 7th month of the year. That would be July. But based on the formerly used lunar calendar, that day falls on August. So until now the Obon festival is celebrated during this time of the year.

So Bleach fans don’t worry. Bleach Manga 460 will be release after the festival. The English version will be released hopefully by next week although the Bleach 460 raw scans might be released earlier. I’m also following Bleach Manga and the Anime series too. Unfortunately I don’t read as much as before after Ichigo defeated Aizen with Mugetsu. Again Bleach 460 release date will be next week.

Looks like Ichigo is back to being a Shinigami in 460. It’s like what happened during the very first episodes of bleach when Rukia stab Ichigo with her sword (zanpakuto) to turn him into a Shinigami. In the last scene of Bleach 459, Rukia stab Ichigo which turned Ichigo back to a Shinigami. But I noticed something different, his zanpakuto/Zangetsu looks different and his kimono too. His looks is also different. Ichigo looks bad ass! Huraah! I wonder how will his hollowfied form will look like too. Super B.A.M.F i guess! ^_^



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