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Bleach Manga 462 English Scans available soon. Bleach 462 Release Date Expected to be tomorrow

In the last chapter of Bleach Manga, Bleach 461 entitled Come Around Our Turn, Kurosaki Ichigo finally got his power back. Ichigo was able to become Shinigami again with the help of Gotei 13. Bleach Manga 462 is expected to be released tomorrow or Thursday morning.


In the last chapter of Bleach Manga we learned that Ichigo got his power because the Captain Commander broke the tradition and ordered all the Captain and vice Captain of Gotei 13 to contribute and share a portion of their Shinigami power to Ichigo so that Ichigo would become Shinigami again.

Unfortunately Ichigo missed Ginjou when he released Getsuga Tenshou. I bet he was just fooling around with Ginjou. Ginjou was trying to escape from Ichigo because he knew that he was no match from Ichigo in his current form. Finally Ichigo was able to hit Ginjou and he disappeared temporarily.

Toushiro explained that it was the decision of their Captain Commander and his order that they would give Reiatsu to Urahara’s sword to be used to awaken Ichigo’s Shinigami powers. But later in the chapter there was another reason why the Captain Commander ordered that Ichigo’s power be returned.

Ginjou was all along the real enemy, a long lost enemy of the Soul Society, a traitor Shinigami-Substitute. Ginjou was the first Shinigami Substitute and he appeared again in the scene with a skeleton-looking armor. Ginjou’s form resembles that of Ichigo’s form during Bleach Hell Chapter Movie. (I just watched it recently ^_^).

I wonder what is the motive of Ginjou from coming back. Maybe revenge, just like the other characters who appeared in the Bleach Movies and filler episodes.

I’m not sure if Ichigo vs Ginjou would be a thrilling battle. We do not know yet Ginjou’s full capacity and power. Maybe Ginjou can do Bankai, but I personally doubt it.

If you have noticed in the previous episodes, Ichigo was always using his Bankai form in every of his battle. But since Ichigo just got his powers back and probably a more powerful one I’m not sure if Ichigo will be using Bankai to defeat Ginjou.

Well let’s just see. Bleach Manga 462 will be released tomorrow or Thursday morning. By then Bleach 462 English scans will be available.

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