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New Captain Commander and Kenpachi Yachiru Unohana: Bleach 520 Review

Bleach 520 was recently released and it was an epic chapter. The chapter revealed some new interesting facts that will make you go “wow, I never thought about that“. I presumed that you have already read the chapter so I’m going to proceed with the review and discussion of Bleach chapter 520.


UPDATE: See here Bleach 521 Spoiler

bleach 520 review kenpachi unohana by LextraImage credit: Original artist Tite Kubo, colored by Deviant artist Lextra

Bleach 520 Review

We have the main events here, first: Ichigo and Renji getting healed already and was new heading to the next Zero Division Captain. As usual Ichigo didn’t failed to impress Kirinji. It was not surprising that Ichigo healed fast since he was not badly injured. But what was surprising was that Ichigo was able to counter and damaged Kirinji’ fist, considering how fast Kirinji can move. Renji also was able to recover fast and easy able to resist Kirinji’s punch.

Second: Kyouraku Jirou Souzousa Shinsui appointed as the new Captain Commander of Gotei 13, and Nanao Ise and Genshirou Okikiba being the Vice captains. Kyouraku was worried that he won’t be able to see his precious Nanao-chan anymore, so he appointed her as Vice captain together with Okikiba. I think this is the first time that a division had two vice captains. And honestly, I was not expecting that Kyouraku would be the next captain commander. Do you think his worthy as the new captain commander?

Third: teaching Kenpachi Zaraki the art of killing and the revelation of the first Kenpachi – Yachiru Unohana. The first thing that came into my mind was, aside from them training Zaraki, they would also teach him how to release his Bankai. I think it’s not too late yet for Zaraki to learn how to use his Zanpakuto properly. And finding out that Yachiru Unohana was actually the first Kenpachi totally blew me. Who would think that she was the first Kenpachi – strongest of the Shinigami? We haven’t seen her fight a real battle or use her bankai right? All she did was heal the injured.

By the way Yachiru Unohana and Retsu Unohana is the same person. Some Bleach fans are confused by this. Yachiru is her real name. She might not be using Yachiru for some reason.

If Unohana was successful in training Zaraki, he could be more stronger than ever. Plus there is still the possibility that he might discover his Zanpakuto’s name and learn how to use bankai. I couldn’t imagine how destructive and powerful Zaraki’s bankai would be if ever that happens.

There’s no fighting scene in Bleach 520, but Bleach 520 is an epic chapter. Can’t wait to see Zaraki’s training or after Unohana had trained him.



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  1. dominic Avatar

    yes shinsui would be the best head captain even the exhead captain yama would agree because he acts lazy and not bright but he has the sharpest mind in the soulsociaty

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