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Unohana Forces Zaraki to Unleash His Full Power: Bleach 525 Review

Bleach 525 manga chapter was recently released. The chapter was entitled “Edge“. The title basically describes how Unohana is pushing Zaraki to his edge in order for him to come back to his old self, and his hidden powers come out again. This will be a tough battle for Zaraki, but he must endure all of Unohana’s attack and continue fighting until he unleashes everything. After all, Zaraki is more powerful than Unohana. Continue reading my Bleach 525 review below.


UPDATE: Check out Bleach 526.

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Bleach 525 Review and Discussion

Bleach 525 was an epic chapter! It has been a long time since I saw such a great fight. One slash after another without stopping. For this chapter, I see three points that needs to ponder on.

First the issue about Zaraki loosing his consciousness. In the previous episode we saw Unohana cornered Zaraki and drove her zanpakuto right through Zaraki’s throat/neck. Zaraki thought that it was just an imagination. For a moment, he lost consciousness, as if time has skip or moved with him knowing.

And in this chapter, Zaraki noticed that he lost consciousness at a certain point and then comes back again. Well, I think that is the part when Unohana almost killed Zaraki but she immediately heals Zaraki. Thus achieving a “near death” situation without Zaraki really realizing it. This method, according to Unohana, will help Zaraki bring back his “old self” – full of power.

Second is Unohana’s Sin. Now we know that Unohana is at fault why Zaraki seemed to be restrained. His powers is hidden deeply. For Zaraki, only Unohana is capable of fighting him head on. And Zaraki didn’t want that to end. That’s why unconsciously he “sealed” his true power and inner strength, so that Unohana could coupe up with Zaraki’s power. In short, it’s Unohana who is holding back Zaraki all this time. It’s not his eye patch or he lacks “kendo skills”, it’s Unohana.

Last is Zaraki’s Real Power. Well from the beginning, Zaraki is really skilled when it comes to swords. He is the only one who could satisfy and fight Unohana, and he is the only one who is stronger than Unohana. But due to “Unohana’s Sin”, Zaraki’s real power was sealed deep within him.

Partially Zaraki’s power came out when he fought Ichigo, and followed by when he fought Nnoitra. But he still needed to be pushed more, that’s why Unohana is pushing Zaraki to his “edge”. Slashing him again and again, putting him to near death and heals him again instantly, until Zaraki remembers and returns to his old self and awaken his long lost powers.

Bleach 525 Conclusion

Overall, Bleach chapter 525 was an epic chapter. I just hope we can see this in animation. Too bad they already ended Bleach anime after the Fullbring saga. I’m looking forward for the next episode to be released, and I would definitely want to see how Zaraki will look like after unleashing his full power. Will Unohana die in this process? Let’s just find out in the next following chapters of Bleach manga.

Oh, by the way, the page that was dedicated to Zaraki only, he looks like Blanka from Street Fighter. ^_^



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