bleach 540 review zangetsu is juha bach

Zangetsu is Juha Bach! Bleach 540 Review

Bleach 540 was earlier released today. In this chapter there are two things that happened. First is the creation of Ichigo’s new Zanpakuto, and the second was the shocking revelation that his old man Zangetsu was really Juha Bach, 1000 years younger. This may not be a surprise for some Bleach fans, since the first time Juha Bach was revealed many of us reacted that he and Zangetsu were surprisingly look similar. Anyway, continue reading my Bleach 540 review below.


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Bleach 540 Review: The Sword Five

Now that Ichigo finally able to learn the roots of his power and the history of his parents, he was able to choose his Asauchi. It was the “White” Hollow that attacked his mother, Masaki, before.

Nimaiya summoned his private escort team (Sword Five), so that they can start forging Ichigo’s new Zanpakuto. Nimaiya commanded the Asauchi and it suddenly turned into a raw material.

Just like creating a sword, the Asauchi was burned, melted, shaped into a blade by Nimaiya’s team, and was pounded to be forged into a new Zanpakuto by Nimaiya himself.

It won’t be long now, and Ichigo will have his real Zanpakuto. I wonder how will Ichigo’s new Zanpakuto will look like? And what will be its name?

What do you think guys? What will be Ichigo’s new Zanpakuto will look like? And what is the name of Ichigo’s new Zanpakuto?

I’m sure the new Zanpakuto is no longer Zangetsu , since his new zanpakuto is Ichigo’s inner hollow and it is his TRUE zanpakuto with Shinigami powers. It’s white, unlike his old zanpakuto which is black. And I’m very sure that with his new zanpakuto, Ichigo will become stronger than ever.

Zangetsu is Juha Bach!

All these years, Ichigo was not using his real Zanpakuto, his real shinigami powers. Instead he was using the power of his Quincy side. Zangetsu was none other than Juha Bach, from 1000 years ago. A much younger Juha. Since Juha is the father and king of all Quincy, it’s only natural that he has a connection with each and every Quincy, and that includes Ichigo.

This explains why Ichigo had two souls within him, a Quincy soul and a Shinigami/Hollow soul. All these years Juha was pretending to be Ichigo’s zanpakuto. But his not Ichigo’s real sword and probably not his real power.

Anyway, this revelation made me confused. What about Tensa Zangestu? Is that the combination of Juha’s power and the Hollow within him or another manipulation done by Juha?



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  1. I dunno… I’m somewhere between thinking this is the most awesome example of misdirection in the series since Aizen’s reveal, or thinking that this is an absolute butt-pull on Kubo’s part.

    I guess it wasn’t entirely unforeshadowed… remember when Ichigo couldn’t find Old Man Zangetsu in his inner world and asked his “hollow” where he was? The hollow answered, “I AM ZANGETSU!” This does explain that… but if this is true, why didn’t the Hollowfied Zangetsu ever spill the beans about Old Man Zangetsu?

    And yeah, what is the deal with Tensa Zangetsu? Is his appearance like Juha Bach’s Vollstandig form? He is clearly a different entity from Hollowfield Zangetsu, since they had to merge together, but is he different from Juha Bach? Is there a third entity inside Ichigo (must be getting crowded in there…)

    We’ve seen Old Man Zangetsu wield the Zangetsu blade before (notably when Ichigo was training for Bankai…) How is it that Ichigo’s Quincy manifestation can wield his zanpakuto?

    So many questions… Kubo’s got some splainin’ to do…

    (On another note… I didn’t know Quincy powers could take on a physical form like a zanpakuto’s power. I wonder if all Quincy have a manifestation like that? Would they all look like Juha Bach, since he is the father of the Quincy? Or is Ichigo a special case?)

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