bleach 541 zangetsu is juha bach

Bleach 541: The Blade and Me 2 (Released)

Bleach 541 is up next. Previously, we saw that Ichigo will finally be getting his new Zanpakuto made from the Asauchi that he chose. We also saw Nimaiya’s assistance the Sword Five, who helped him forge Ichigo’s new Zanpakuto. Most importantly, we learned that the Zanpakuto that is being forge is the REAL zanpakuto of Ichigo, which is the inner hollow within him. And finally we found out that old man Zangetsu is really Juha Bach 1000 years ago. So what will happen next? Find out in Bleach 541.


UPDATE: Bleach chapter 541 is now available. In this chapter, we learned that Zangetsu is not really Zangetsu and his not Juha Bach either. He just looks like Juha since he is the source of Ichigo’s quincy power. I’ll talk about it later on my Bleach 541 review.

bleach 541 zangetsu is juha bachImage credit: Original artist Tite Kubo, colored by Deviant artist the103orjagrat

Bleach 541 Spoiler

So what are the things we will be expecting to see in Bleach chapter 541. First, Ichigo will have a new Zanpakuto based from the inner hollow within him. Correction, actually it’s not really a “new” Zanpakuto, since Ichigo was not really carrying his “own” Zanpakuto from the very beginning. The Zanpakuto that Nimaiya is creating is Ichigo’s “real” zanpakuto.

Ichigo’s Zanpakuto is white and most probably it will have a new look, a new shikai form and a perhaps a new Bankai as well.

Second, old man Zangetsu is really Juha Bach from 1000 years ago. A lot of Bleach fans didn’t see this coming, and a lot were really pissed about this. Old man Zangetsu had a lot of fans and likers. But after the big revelation from the last chapter, I’m sure many where disappointed and turned off.

However I was not really surprised about that. Why? Remember the first time Juha’s face was revealed? A lot of the readers reacted that Juha and Zangetsu look the same. At first it was just nothing. But after learning that Ichigo has Quincy powers, then I thought, “what if it was Juha all along?”

Juha Bach is the king of the Quincy, he is the father and he created them. He has a connection to every living Quincy. Perhaps it was not the time for Ichigo to learn that he was half Quincy (Kubo decided that). And now as the truth unfolds, surprise surprise “it’s me Juha, only 1000 years younger so you wouldn’t recognize me Ichigo!”

There is just one thing that is bothering me, how come Zangetsu was able to merge with his inner hollow and resulted to a younger version of Zangestu in a partially hollowfied form? That’s the time when Ichigo achieved the Final Getsuga Tenshou, by the way. Does that mean Juha Bach was controlling Ichigo from within all along?

Anyway, I hope Bleach 541 will have our questions answered.



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