Bleach Chapter 479 Release Date – No Bleach Manga for this week

Bleach Chapter 479 is the next chapter after The Lost 3. You might be wondering when is Bleach Chapter 479 release date. Unfortunately there will be no Shonen JUMP this week as stated in the Weekly Shonen Jump Schedule here. Bleach 479, Naruto 569, One Piece 652 and other manga will not be available until the second week of January. Bleach Chapter 479 release date is expected be around January 11, 2012.


The last Bleach chapter was somewhat lame. Ginjo eventually died, rather quickly. Tsukishima was going crazy. Some of the Fullbrings survived but the three died (Ginjo, Giriko and Tsukishima). Jackie Tristan lost her Dirty Boots and has no powers anymore. Meanwhile Yukio Hans Vorarlberna vowed to return and lead the other surviving Fullbringers.

Bleach Chapter 479 is somewhat unpredictable. The Fullbring chapter is ending and the next following Bleach chapter could be a start of a new saga and adventure for Ichigo (with his new powers) and his friends.

Who knows what kind of enemies lies ahead of Ichigo. Since Ichigo’s new power is probably more powerful than his previous power, most probably he will face more powerful foes. Probably even powerful than the Arrancar and Aizen.

Let’s just wait for the story to unfold starting with Bleach Chapter 479 when it is released on January 11, 2012. Of course, Bleach 479 spoiler will not be available until then.



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