Bleach Chapter 482 now Available! Bad Recognition

Bleach Chapter 482 holds an important message for Ichigo and his friends. The new character, an Arrancar, Ivan Azgiaro appeared in Ichigo’s room suddenly. What could be his motive? Ichigo sure has a lot of questions but the first thing he said is “”get off that bed“”! Haha! Who would want to step on their bed? Do you?


UPDATE: Bleach 482 is now available entitled Bad Recognition
UPDATE2: Ivan and Ichigo went out for a chit chat and Ivan Azgiaro said that he is NOT an Arrancar! What?! Instead a Quincy!
UPDATE3: An unknown/mask group of people appeared in front of the Captain Commander, and then declared WAR! WTF!

I’m sure that Ivan Azgiaro was not there to fight Ichigo and his friends nor display his powers. Most probably he’s there to deliver an important message to Ichigo. We all knew that Bleach is nearing its final chapters since this is the final arc. We also learned that the Quincy are involved and most probably they are the ones responsible for the disappearance of the Hollows.

It looks like Hueco Mundo is having problem with the Quincy. Soul Society and the real world is caught in between, what the Quincy is doing could upset the balance. My guess is Ivan Azgiaro is probably there to convince or invite Ichigo to join forces to fight the Quincy. Things could really get messy and complicated from this point, specially for Ishda since he is a Quincy. Most probably he will be conflicted whether to join Ichigo or follow his “”Quincy Pride“”.

I also have lots of questions and I am hoping that some of them will be answered in Bleach Chapter 482.

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