Bleach Chapter 483 spoiler: Kurusaki Ichigo vs Ivan Azgiaro

Bleach Chapter 483 is the next chapter, and in this chapter we will most probably learn why Ivan Azgiaro is wearing and Arrancar mask?! Just kidding, we all thought that he is an Arrancar, in fact many of us were fooled by his appearance. He shows his pendant-like “”thingy””, like the one Ishida has, and suddenly becomes a large weapon.


Since Ivan Azgiaro is not an Arrancar, and most probably he is a Quincy, what could be his message then? Will he inform Ichigo that a war is about to begin? I’m pretty sure that Ivan despises the Arrancars and the Hollows and perhaps he is one of the responsible in the disappearance of the Hollows.

And who the heck are these mask guys who suddenly appeared and showed in front of the Captain Commander? They suddenly declared war! Are they Quincy or from Hueco Mundo? Not really sure about these guys.

I’m pretty sure we will find out more information about what is Ivan Azgiaro up to and his reason for visiting Ichigo, and the declaration of war against Soul Society on Bleach 483.

Until then, let’s just wait for Bleach Chapter 483 spoiler to comes out or better yet let’s just wait for Bleach 483 to come out. ^_^

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