Bleach Chapter 484: The Buckbeard

Bleach Chapter 484 is the next exciting chapter of the thousand year old war. In the previous chapter The Vandenreich declared war on Soul Society and threatened that Soul Society will be annihilated within 5 days. I’m still waiting for Bleach Chapter 484 spoiler to come out. Hopefully we could digg more information regarding the Vandereich and the true identity of Ivan Azgiaro.


UPDATE: Bleach chapter 484 is now available. Bleach 484 is entitled The Buckbeard

Here are some conclusions and questions I drawn from the previous Bleach chapters:

1. The Vandenreich are definitely a strong enemy. They easily got in Captain Commander’s quarters without breaking a sweat. Way too easy for them

2. Who could possibly be the Vanden reich? And how are they connected with Ivan Azgiaro?

3. Ivan Azgiaro has a mask like an Arrancar, and he has an amulet like Ishida. Could he be a Quincy-Arrancar hybrid? or Just a Quincy who happened to absorb or acquired the power of an Arrancar? Just like Ichigo having a Shinigami and Hollow combination.

4. What does Vandenreich or Vanden Reich means? Some say it means “”Hidden Kingdom”” or “”Hidden Empire”” while others interpret it as just “”The Kingdom”” or “”The Empire””.

5. This final arc has got something to do with the Spirit King.

6. This final war has also got something to do with the history and origins of Soul Society, Hollows and Quincy.

Well what do you think? I’m still waiting for Bleach chapter 484 spoilers. I’m sure more information will come out.

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