Bleach Chapter 485: Foundation Stones

Bleach Chapter 485 is the next chapter after the leader or “”king“” of the Vandenreich was revealed in the previous chapter. Okay, things are really getting confusing now. The Vandenreich (most probably a Quincy) can do Bankai?! Wow! Okay here is what I think about this matter.


UPDATE: Bleach 485 is now available after 1 week break. Bleach chapter 485 is entitled the Foundation Stones. We learn more about the Vandenreich and their King. You can start reading Bleach chapter 485 in popular manga sites.

First of all, in the previous Bleach chapter, Ivan Azgiaro fought Ichigo, and he used an unknown technique saying “”Your bankai is finished“” to Ichigo after unleashing it. Unfortunately Ivan was not successful.

Second, after the spokesperson of the Vandenreich declared war on Soul Society, Yamamoto freed Sasakibe, and Sasakibe told a shocking revelation about them. These so-called Vandenreich can do Bankai!

Now my theory is, if they were really a remnant of an ancient Quincy race, these guys might actually be “”stealing“” the Shinigami’s Bankai. Just like when Ivan tried to do something with Ichigo’s Bankai. Ivan was ambitious and impatient enough to steal Ichigo’s Bankai.

Another theory is, they could be Quincy-Shinigami hybrid type. Although I do not have enough information to back this second theory.

Another thing, the person who was talking to Yamamoto said that “”It’s easy to guess who we really are“” meaning who they are is not a secret to Soul Society. For now they just hid their identities so that SS or Yamamoto could not recognize them or know their plot.

Ivan used “”The Shadow“” to teleport into another dimension. The Vandenreich also used that to escape Yamamoto’s flames. It’s not Garganta. Definitely their using another form of power. Ivan said that only the “”chosen ones“” can use it. Who are the chosen ones then?

Hope we find more answers in Bleach 485 when it is released. Can’t wait for Bleach chapter 485 spoiler to come out. As of now Bleach 485 spoiler is not yet available.

BTW, is it just me or the guy with dots dots on his face looks like Ginjou and Aizen?!

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