Bleach Chapter 486: The Crimson Cremation

Bleach Chaper 486 is the next chapter. Currently Bleach Chapter 486 spoiler is not yet available. Meanwhile there are a lot of things going around. More revelations came out, and what with this “”Foundation Stone“” the Vandenreich’s King is talking about.


UPDATE: Bleach Chapter 486 is now available. Bleach manga 486 is entitled The Crimson Cremation.

Any way, we learned that the two guys where really Arrancars after all, Ivan Azgiaro and Luders Friegen. But the King were not happy about their performance so he immediately dispatched both of them like insects.

Nel went to the real world, specifically to Ichigo to ask for help. Just as we originally suspected, The Arrancar will need Ichigo. What was once enemies, will now join forces to fight a common, and much stronger enemy – Vandenreich.

Another thing, these so called Vandenreich could probably EX-Shinagamis who rebelled or was thrown out from Soul Society and now wants revenge on SS.

If so, what would be the Quincy’s participation in this upcoming war then? Perhaps the Quincy (if they were to appear in the final arc of Bleach) will join forces with the Vandenreich and fight SS, Ichigo and his group, and the Arrancar. It’s obvious that Ichigo will aid the Arrancar and free them from the Vandenreich.

And why are they keeping Halibel? It seems that they have captured the surviving Spada members and Arrancars, and use them as their pawns in this war.

More information will be revealed in Bleach Chapter 486, hopefully we will learn more about the Vandenreich’s King and Mel’s message to Ichigo. I will post the Bleach Chapter 486 spoiler once it is available.



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