Bleach Chapter 503 Release Date

Most of you guys might probably be wondering why Bleach chapter 503 is not yet released until today. Well, it was supposed to be released today, together with Naruto and One Piece. And we were expecting that Kenpachi will do something cool or kick those Quincies’ butt out of Soul Society, but we will not see that this week.

UPDATE2: This chapter is now available -> Bleach Chapter 503: Wrath as a Lightning
UPDATE: Kuno is probably okay by now, but there are no Shonen Jump this week! These includes Naruto 597 and One Piece 677 -_- Grrr..

Image credit: Deviant artist Wish Man

Unfortunately Kubo Taito has gotten really sick and he was unable to draw recently because of his illness. Bleach is going on a break, but the editors did not mention weather it’s a one week break or more.

According to the SJ Editors, Bleach chapter 503 was supposed to be released in this issue but the corrections could not be made in time for the printing.

The next chapter is scheduled to appear in Issue #38 which goes on sale on August 20.

Get well soon Kubo, cause a lot of fans are really eager to see what Zeraki Kenpachi will do to the Quincy since they can not steal Kenpachi’s Bankai because he doesn’t have one in the first place.

I’ll post another article soon when Bleach chapter 503 is released. Bleach 503 updates will be posted here: Bleach Chapter 503: Shinigami with no Bankai



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