Bleach Chapter 513 Review: Is Ichigo A Multiracial Being?!

Bleach chapter 513 was released recently and this chapter made some shocking revelations about Ichigo. First let’s track back to what had happened. Ichigo appeared on Soul society and came to where Byakuya is. Byakuya asked Ichigo to protect the Soul Society and went off to face Juha Bach.


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[alert type=”red”]WARNING: The review section below contains information/spoilers about this chapter. If you haven’t read the chapter and don’t want to get spoiled. I suggest you do not read further.[/alert]

Bleach chapter 513 Review

During the previous chapter, Ichigo made a grand entrance. Obviously he was enraged because many of his friends were hurt and most of the SS destroyed. He asked first Juha is he is the leader but Juha replied with a sarcastic answer, saying “I am” and “I am not”. Ichigo went berserk and asked him again if he was responsible for the destruction of SS. He then attacked Juha with his Getsuga Tenshou.

But Juha Bach was powerful enough to withstand Ichigo’s Getsu Tenshou. Juha pinned Ichigo down and pierced the tip of his sword to Ichigo’s neck. Juha decided to capture Ichigo and make him join them.

Shockingly, just after the last chapter ended, Ichigo unleashed Blut Vene! Blut Vene is a powerful offense/defense used only by the Quincy. Does this mean Ichigo is also a Quincy?!

First, Ichigo is a human, later he became a substitute Shinigami because he had this insanely huge amount of Reatsu. Then later he found out that he also has hollow powers, thus he became Vizards. Ichigo lost his powers and it was returned to him by SS captains and vice Captains.

Now Ichigo reappears with a thorn-out body and suddenly unleashed Blut Vene. So, does this makes Ichigo a Human x Shinigami x Hollow x Quincy, a multiracial being with a lot of hidden powers? Wow! Or perhaps, his savior was a Quincy, could be Ishida, and gave him some Quincy powers to protect him from Juha.

This chapter doesn’t have much fighting scenes, but a big revelation was shown. This keeps fans to continue reading and waiting for the next Bleach chapter to be released.



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