Why Choose a Managed WordPress Hosting for Your Business

One of the most popular content management system (CMS) or platform used for blogging and online business is WordPress. When it comes to web hosting, there are many ways where you can host your WordPress site. It’s either on a shared web hosting, VPS, dedicated server or on a Managed WordPress Hosting. Among the three, I would definitely recommend a managed WordPress hosting. But why should you choose a managed WordPress hosting for your business instead of the other types of hosting?


Shared hosting is the cheapest type of hosting of all. You can install and run a WordPress based site for as many as you like. But the only main advantage of a shared hosting is it’s a cheap hosting and is not recommended if you are running a business.

Shared hosting may not have the support that you need to run your WordPress site(s). And since it’s a “shared” hosting, it won’t be able to handle large amounts of traffic, not to mention that it’s also unsecured.

VPS or Virtual Private Server is another option. Some people who want their site to perform better would go for a VPS plan. It’s priced higher compared to a shared hosting but you get to share less of the resources to other users.

But then again, it’s just like an upgraded version of a shared hosting. If you really want to protect your online business, and make sure that it grows, you would definitely want to go with a Dedicated Server. It can handle even the most demanding task or high volume of traffic that your WordPress site would encounter.

But the downside of a dedicated server is that, it’s way too expensive. And you need more knowledge on operating a dedicated server, unless you are going to spend more for a managed dedicated hosting. You will also need to provide for your WordPress site’s protection and maintenance.

The best type of hosting if you are running your business on WordPress is a Managed WordPress Hosting. It’s a type of hosting were the host specializes on WordPress only. With a managed WordPress hosting, your site will perform better and could handle high volumes of traffic, even sudden spikes, just like you are running it on a dedicated server. But unlike with a dedicated server, the price is much affordable, similar to that on a VPS plan. It’s like a sweet spot for WordPress.

Not only that, there are many perks included with a managed WordPress hosting. You get full support for your WordPress site(s) and whenever you have a problem with your site; technical support teams who specialize in WordPress alone are there to always help you.

With a managed WordPress hosting, your host provider is the one who will handle the security and speed of your site. You do not need to worry on maintaining the site. All you have to do is focus on the content of your site.

If you are planning to try a managed WordPress hosting, I suggest you check out WP Engine. To know more about the WPEngine, check out this WP Engine review.



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