CityVille Tips and Tricks

Okay I’ll make this short and simple. I’m sure you are playing Zynga’s popular social network game, CityVille, already. Otherwise you won’t stumble here on this page looking for CityVille tips and tricks. I don’t have a complete guide right now and/or CityVille cheats. But I’ll tell you later where you can get the best and complete guide ever for CityVille.

For now, here are some tips and tricks, I’ve found:


CityVille Tips and Tricks:
How to raise maximum potential population – The trick here is very simple. Build as many community buildings as you can. Make sure you have many friends as this will consume energy and these will require your friends to be an employee of your community buildings.

Build many franchise business. Get franchise business to your friends’ city. An empire of franchise business can make you more and more coins and more bonuses.

Like in FrontierVille, when collecting coins and giving supplies to your buildings, special items pop out. Collect these special items and complete 5 items in a set. You can exchange these for XP, Energy and Coins and many more.

Make sure to visit you friends town every time you play CityVille. This will give you more energy that you will need, coins and other items.

Make use of the Train to deliver shipments. Trading supplies and buying and selling from your friends can increase your money. Building seaports will also help your town.

Okay, here’s the real deal. download the best CityVille guide ever. Learn the CityVille secrets. These guide has everything you want to know about CityVille. Your friends will be shock when they saw your city grow bigger and faster than theirs and build the ultimate metropolis.

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