CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

More and more gamers and PC enthusiasts (sometimes even your typical computer users) opt for a gaming keyboard. Primarily, because of the additional functionality and durability it offers that a typical keyboard could not provide. But have you ever heard of a “Mechanical Keyboard” or “Mechanical Gaming Keyboard” before? Well, a mechanical (gaming) keyboard even takes the user to the next level of gaming/typing experience.


Today, let’s take a look at Cooler Master’s CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Before we get into the details of CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid, let me first give you a brief introduction about mechanical keyboards.

What is a Mechanical Keyboard?

A Mechanical Keyboard is a type of keyboard that uses “switches” for each keys instead of a rubber dome that a typical “membrane” keyboard uses. Each key in a mechanical keyboard has its own mechanism and is independent from one another.

cm storm quickfire rapid review

Mechanical Keyboard vs Ordinary Type of Keyboard

Typically a mechanical keyboard is noisy compared to a regular keyboard. You can hear a load “clicking” sound every time you press a key. But a mechanical keyboard offers superior durability and accuracy compared to a membrane type of keyboard.

Types of Cherry MX Switches

cm storm quickfire rapid reviewThere are several type of Switches. Some of the common type of switches are Cherry MX Black, Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Brown and Cherry MX Clear. Each type of Switches has a different mechanism and actuation force. But commonly they produce a somewhat “loud” clicky sound and a “feel” that a typical keyboard could not provide.

I’ll be having a separate chapter for Mechanical Keyboards, since the topic is quite long. Now onto the review of CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid mechanical gaming keyboard.



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