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Codero Hosting Review: Dedicated, Cloud and Managed Hosting Solutions

Codero Hosting is one of the names to beat in the field of dedicated server hosting, with over 15 years of expertise in customer service. It was once a part of the famous, but was able to retain the same support, creative and technical staff that had successfully made the forerunner in the hosting industry.


codero hosting review

UPDATE: Must readCodero Hosting Offers (Very) Cheap Dedicated Servers this April 2013

Would you like to know more about this hosting company and the things it can do to your business? Well, you are reading the right Codero hosting review.

What Does Coredo Do?

Codero Hosting has a clear and renewed focus — to provide the highest quality of dedicated server and hosting service to both small and medium-sized businesses. Its main goal is to stay up to date with the increasing demand of customers for server-side and hardware components. With Codero’s wide range of hosting services, which include cloud hosting and managed hosting, clients will be provided with security, power backup system, network monitoring and time surveillance.

Generally, Codero makes use of Intel processors and dedicated servers that offer solid platforms. These enable customers to choose from a stir of the following: extra server protection, managed services, e-commerce capability, control panel and OS. For this March 2013 alone, dedicated servers can start for as low as $25 only.


  • Hardware configuration – premium Intel processors with at least 2GB of RAMs and 250GB SATA hard drives
  • Cutting edge Dell PowerEdge hardware
  • Smart Servers configuration ready
  • The industry’s fastest and most responsive configurations.
  • Manage service options comprise of the following: service monitoring, E-vault backup, and firewall and stats
  • Value Server discounts
  • Data center facilities accessible in San Diego and Phoenix with 99.9% guaranteed uptimes
  • Live US-based 24/7 technical support via support ticket, knowledge bases, live chats and phones

Key Characteristics

  • Large volume, multitasking, visualization, multimedia and high availability applications
  • Security systems, power backup, round the clock surveillance
  • Value-priced and powerful Intel processors from 2x Quad Core Xeons, Core2Duos to Quad-Core Xeons, 2x Xeons and Celerons
  • Unlimited bandwidth options
  • Firewall and system upgrades
  • Server configuration –  initial control panel, DNS skeleton
  • Remote servers management and server monitor are available for superior performance
  • Load balancing is accessible for improving productivity and maintaining uptimes

Customer Profiles

  • Gaming servers
  • Provider of application service
  • Data storage
  • Extended IT processes
  • High volume transaction website
  • Small and medium-sized businesses

Codero Hosting in general, has a positive rating in this Codero review because of its long list of benefits, not to mentioned after sales support as well. Codeo is backed by trained experts and long years of experience in the industry. This is the reason why it is one of the top names today when it comes to hosting. Considering all the things it has in store, this Codero hosting review recommends it to potential clients. Visit and start choosing the right server for your business.

If you want to try Codero hosting today, be sure to visit Dedicated Server Finder, or visit this page for Codero Hosting Discounts.



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