the cozy room

The Cozy Room

Gamers are a fickle bunch; half of the time they’re passionate for multiplayer gaming with a collection of strangers from across the globe, and the next they’re yearning for solitude, climes far away from work colleagues, friends, family and the entire hubbub that surrounds them. The Cozy Room, what one could only really safely describe as an isolation chamber, definitely caters for the latter experience.


The Cozy Room, developed somewhat unsurprisingly by the Japanese, who describe the product as a unisex relaxation room, is a 205 by 120 cm cube that features a slide out chair for the user. As the user sits down and pulls the chair up to the in-built desk, the chair, which functions as a fourth wall, creates a seal with the rest of the Room, shielding the user from the noise and distraction of outside and allowing them to get some me-time. Within the Cozy Room is a set of shelves for books and memorabilia, LED lighting and a desk where one can place their television, laptop or console. Alternatively users can utilize the wall mounted monitor provided with the Room.


It’s definitely an interesting product. Imagine playing a favorite shooter game, surrounded by the action and noise of battle. Casino games, infinitely popular nowadays, would also be acutely improved; games on sites such as require a deftness and skill that one could imagine could only be attained by an environment purged of distraction! However, perhaps the best use of the Cozy Room would be for role playing games. The individual could truly immerse themselves in the fantasy and fervour of their favourite digital worlds, without being drawn out of the immersion whenever they looked away from the screen.


There are some drawbacks, however. The product is equipped with air vents, thus avoiding the very important problem of people suffocating within the box, though lacks any air conditioning. Imagine being in a one man office, desktop fans whirring, the temperature of the room steadily rising as every piece of technological kit in the room gives off heat; it doesn’t sound all that fun. The problem is that, for $8000, the creators could’ve surely affixed a fan to some section of the Cozy Room to negate this problem, and it seems like an annoying oversight to this reviewer.

Still though, no product exists much like the Cozy Room, and if you’re truly hankering for that alone time you so truly deserve, nothing will do the job better than the Cozy Room.


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