6 Awesome Custom Roms for Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Tired of the same old looking theme of your Samsung Galaxy Y S5360? Are you looking for Custom Roms that will make your Samsung Galaxy Y look new? Here are 6 awesome custom roms for Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 that I have collected.


Please do note that installing or trying out these Custom Roms may damage or brick your Samsung Galaxy Y. I strongly advice that before you try out these custom roms, you MUST BACKUP your data first. Not only just your data, but if possible create a backup ROM of your phone’s current state. Read and follow instructions carefully. I learned this the hard way, as I was not able to backup my ROM before trying out a ROM. One more thing, I only tried the Creed Custom Rom on my Samsung Galaxy Y. I have not tried the other custom roms yet.

And, you also need your phone to be rooted. For instructions on how to root your Samsung Galaxy Y see -> How to Root and Unroot Samsung Galaxy Y (Young GT-S5360)

Must Read Article -> The Android Rooting Guide: Things You Need to Know

First on the list we have the Creed Custom Rom V2.1. You can see the screenshots below. For instructions on how to install Creed Custom Rom and where to download see this -> Creed Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y S5360: How to install

UPDATE: Creed Custom ROM v3.5 is now available. You can download it here.

Next is the Aurora Rom v2 (Vanilla). This is the second version of Sense Aurora. For instructions on where to download and how to install Aurora Rom v2 see it here.

custom roms for galaxy young

Third is the Blazing Hatred Rom v1. The Blazing Hatred Rom for Samsung Galaxy Y is based on DXKL2 and inspired by InfectedAblaze v2.5.2. For instructions on how install and where to download Blazing Hatred Rom v1 for Samsung Galaxy Y see it here.


Then there is the Repencis Rom v2.0. This custom rom features Deodexed all. Apk, A2sd Darktermor with a variety of features in it, Connected with the latest Busybox smylink, DXLB1 customized System Firmware, The addition of Arabic letters in text messaging and the web, The addition of 75 fonts, CM7 Boot Animation, and more. For instructions on where to download and how to install Repencis Rom v2 for Samsung Galaxy Y see it here.

Here is Hybrid Rom v2.1 based on SG5360DXLB1. This custom rom comes in 2 variants, the standard version and lite version. This will make your Galaxy Young look like an HTC phone. For instructions on how to install and where to download Hybrid Rom v2.1 for Galaxy Young see it here.

And finally, there is the ICS Aura Rom V1 based on DXKL2. This custom rom features ICS animation, ICS styled apps, and will make your Samsung Galaxy Y look like it’s running on Ice Cream Sandwich. For instructions on here to download and how to install ICS Aura Rom v1 for Samsung Galaxy Y see it here.

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49 responses to “6 Awesome Custom Roms for Samsung Galaxy Y S5360”

  1. Jerryjoseph Avatar

    You told that you are not able to backup your original gingerbread Rom?
    That’s the reason?
    In creed thread you told that how to backup our original Rom.,then what happen to you?
    Or we are not able to backup our original Rom?
    If we are able to backup?
    Then tell me how to backup.

    1. whatswithjeff Avatar

      What I meant was, I immediately tried the Creed Custom Rom without making a backup of my current Gingerbread Rom. When I replaced the official Rom of my SGSY to Creed Custom rom, all data was wiped out. I then realized that I should have created a backup rom before trying out Creed Custom Rom.

      You can create a backup rom from clockworkmod recovery menu

  2. Uly_lab Avatar

    does these rom unlocks galaxy y from being locked to one carrier?

  3. Shahidnaze Avatar

    hey jeff.. cant i upgrade my gal y to ICS?

    1. Awesome Avatar

      You can download, but your three keys will become useless, as ics 4 doesn’t use those three keys….

  4. Kazehana Avatar

    Try Creeds Fusion v3.0 and v3.1

    1. jaylence Avatar

      recently rooted my SGY and had been experimenting with several custom rom.
      Here are the roms that i’ve tried,
      Creeds Fusion v3.0 and 3.2 were great roms except that it has some bugs on
      3X4 keyboard.
      v3.2 hangs at locked mode when connected via usb. Also my phone keeps on rebooting when connected thru a charger.
      ChobitDigitalis is also one great rom and works just fine. It’s just that it has no option
      for 3X4 keyboard, I hate to use qwerty keyboard on SGY…:-)
      As for now, I’m currently using the Repencis v3.0. Works great on my SGY.
      So far, no bugs found yet… hope this helps..

  5. Kakisembangcrew Avatar

    Oh my god! Please i need your help! After i install this upgrade when i open all the application is force to close i cannot see anything “Only “FORCE TO CLOSE” all application installed. So what i did i Factory reset but when it’s done only the Animation SAmsung Logo always com up and cannot load the application. PLease i need your help… help me

    1. Edisonzaph Avatar

      you encounter a bootloop problem sir..i think, all you need is to flash your sgy in odin sir.. see in youtube on how to use odin..

  6. Shivam Avatar

    can anyone tell me which is the best custom rom in case for battery life as my galaxy y is running out of battery very often. and i need to charge my phone twice a day to work with it…….
    any suggestion would be helpful

    1. every rom uses its battery, but some apps helps you sve your battery life… try installin MT toolbox. hope i solved your problem…

      oh and one more thing, if you want to maximize your battery life. try to be bestfriends with your task killer… background programs that you have not exited will continue consume your battery mon.

    2. Davinder Singh Avatar
      Davinder Singh

      it is pre instaled Rom

  7. I’m looking custom ROM for Galaxy S5300. Are these ROMs can be ported to S5300?

  8. as 4 me …..creeds rom 3.5 is d best at all

    1. whatswithjeff Avatar

      Creed is the more popular one. But do hope Galaxy Y will have an official ICS update now that Jelly Bean is out.

      1. It will not. SGY does not meet the requirements. Even the newest high tech phones can’t handle ICS, let alone JB.

        1. lee_sin Avatar

          actually it will. samsung is making ics os for galaxy y, it will be modified so galaxy y can handle it 🙂

          1. there is an cm9 (ics) rom for galaxy y on xda forums but sounds not working but should be happy that developers have done it…..

          2. I’m running my galaxy y with an ICS custom ROM. so far it’s working fine. I’ll update this post at the same time create a post for the room I have been using. I’ll try to put a video to and some screenshots.

  9. which rom is most suitable for samsung galaxy y s5360,android 2.3.6?

  10. earphones are not working in creeds custom rom …pls help

    1. Hi Nash, not all custom roms are working perfectly. There are things that doesn’t work when you use custom roms.
      Try other roms instead. I’m not really using ROMs anymore. I find the official roms better + launchers.

  11. Any one of them has Usb otg Or USB ON THE Go ?????? rply plz plz

  12. ayaorei Avatar

    m using jellyblast v3.0.2 n it works great..

    1. Are all functions working perfectly? No errors or something?

    2. bro i have been using this rom n here are the problems i came across…
      1. there are serious connectivity issues in google play store
      2. the connectivity ceases to work in the background
      3. apps do not get downloaded or updated. errors are detected.
      4. lags a lot
      5. apps automatically seem to dissapear in the vertical app drawer mode, though they are still installed
      6. the keyboard lags a lot. it types after ive already finished typing the sentence. kinda annoying.
      7. hangs in multi tasking.
      8. call screen appears 3 seconds after the phone starts ringing.
      9. jelly bean search force closes every time u reboot.
      brought it back to my stock rom. seems like a relief.

      1. that’s why i stopped using ROMs, and just stick with the original looks or sometimes use a launcher.

  13. any custom ios rom for galaxy y?

    1. I haven’t encountered one yet. I’ll look into this.

  14. Aman Rajay Avatar
    Aman Rajay

    Tried HYBRID V4.0 It works pretty good on my Galaxy Y but the google apps are missing like maps ,talk,gmail,navigation

  15. sir,
    my notification bar is not show in creed rom as well it is not displaying the caller incoming call only it rings
    what should i do

    1. Revert back to the original rom

  16. my samsung galaxy y stopped working due to nexus please help me

    1. what do you mean due to nexus? What did you do?
      Can you still turn it on or not? If you can, perhaps it was only a soft brick
      You can fix it by installing the original ROM again.

  17. if you want everything work without any problem…….you can use stock rom….this is copy from official rom

  18. how to backup my orginal rom please help me

    1. use CWM backup recovery.

  19. i was using Creed 3.5 and works smooth, ive also tried repencis V3.0 and it was perfect, now im using jellybeanV3.4.0 and still on the observation stage. hope this rom will be fine. ^^,

  20. Jamie Wykes Avatar
    Jamie Wykes

    Hi there Jeff…. what really are these merruk’s kernels?

    1. Hi Jamie, honestly I don’t know. I’m not an android developer and I’m still learning the language.

  21. harneet singh Avatar
    harneet singh

    try jellyblast v3
    it is the best rom for galaxy y !!

    1. Jellyblast seemed to be a good rom to, not only for galaxy y. I’ll update the list soon.

  22. whatswithjeff Avatar

    Hi Kiran
    Try updating it via kies. Or reflash an original ROM via Odin.

  23. Rahul Mann Avatar

    can we root samsung gt-5360 by framaroot?

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