Devil May Cry Movie Coming Soon?

Dante from Devil May Cry has grown very popular over the years. And now Dante could be the next big movie character who will hit our cinemas.


From the makers of the Resident Evil movies, Screen Gems has purchased and acquired the rights to make and film Devil May Cry.

The producers hired Kyle Ward to write the script for the movie. The story might revolve around Dante who avenges the death of mother and slashing off demons. Kyle is also the writer for the Kane and Lynch screen play.

One question that comes to my mind is, who would be the fitting actor to play the role of Dante? Can you guess or name an actor?

“Capcom has been eager to exploit “Devil May Cry” across other platforms including comicbooks, novels, an anime series and collectible statues and action figures. Digital Development Management brokered the deal on behalf of Capcom.”

I hope this does not turns out to be one of those movies or remake like Chun Li from Street Fighter and other Video Game movies that was supposed to be great but because of “some factors” turns out to be a so-so movie.

Devil May Cry Movie sounds promising, with better cast, story line and effects, it should be a great movie.



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