diablo iii reaper of souls

Diablo III Reaper of Souls Coming in 2014 – Who’s Excited?

Blizzard has just revealed the upcoming first expansion pack of Diablo III, dubbed as “The Reaper of the Souls”. Sounds like grim reaper right? In the upcoming expansion pack, new enemy will rise, new types of minions and a new hero will face them all. There will also be two new games modes – Nephalem trials and Loot Runs. The new enemy here, the Reaper of Souls, is non-other than Malthael (Archangel of Wisdom) – a fallen angel who was corrupted and tries to take control of the Black Soulstone. After the corruption Malthael, he soon becomes the Angel of Death. Watch the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls cinematic trailer, as well as the gameplay teaser below.


diablo iii reaper of souls

Diablo III Reaper of Souls Trailer

If there is one thing that you might agree with me, Blizzard has never failed us when it comes to producing cool and fantastic cinematics.

In Diablo III Reaper of Souls, player will enjoy a new character in the form of a Crusader. It’s somewhat a combination of a Paladin and a Barbarian class. But if you have been playing other MMORPG, like Ragnarok, you know what a Crusader is. Players will also venture into never before seen areas in Diablo III from Westmarch to Pandemonium Fortress. Watch the Crusader as he battles new hordes of demons in the cinematic gameplay below.

Diablo III Reaper of Souls Gameplay Teaser

When do you think will the Soulstones be completely destroyed? I mean since the beginning of Diablo, the Soulstone was the only link from one Diablo series to another. Even after the destruction of the Worldstone in Diablo II, Baal’s stone survived. And now after Diablo’s defeat, a Black Stone was revealed, the very same stone that has corrupted an archangel – Malthael. I don’t think that the Reaper of Souls would be the end game here. Perhaps there is another expansion that will be released after the reaper of souls.

Diablo III Reaper of Souls Release Date

Diablo III will be available in consoles starting next month. Although there is no specific month, the Reaper of Souls will be released by 2014. I just hope they won’t over hype and delay it like what they did in Diablo III, only to find out thousands of Diablo fans disappointed. I’m not really sure if I would be excited about this or not, but it looks pretty cool, and for those who are into Diablo III, it gives them the chance to push further their characters up to level 70, get the items, explore new scenarios and face new challenges.



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