download crystal caves apk

Download Crystal Runner for Android (Latest APK Version)

Crystal Runner: The Forgotten Caves is another runner game for Android, developed by Gameforge Productions GmbH. Crystal Runner is a 2 dimensional or flat type of runner game. It’s not 3D and not the third person runner type. Your character (Jane) runs in different caves full of crystals. Jump, slide and run to avoid the spikes. You can download Crystal Runner for Android below.


download crystal caves apk

Official Description

Help Jane secure the precious artifacts from the crystal caves, just don’t get squashed by the giant boulder behind you!

Will you succeed and escape all 15 menacing caves alive?

Dodge the deadly crystals and stalactites and negotiate gaping chasms at manic speeds. Pure adrenaline!

Crystal Runner is waiting for you with:

  • 15 challenging and varied levels
  • Fast and catchy gameplay
  • Orchestral soundtrack and great graphics
  • Great fun for those little breaks

Enter the mystical Crystal Caves now!

Download Crystal Runner

Crystal Runner requires an Android 2.0.1 and up and will consume around 67 Megabytes of your storage space. You can download Crystal Caves for Android here.



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