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Download Dead City for Android Free (Latest APK Version)

Still want more Zombie shooter game? Com2Us has recently released Dead City, a simple 2D zombie shooter game. You character looks like a soldier and you move forward while shooting down zombies along the way in different directions. You can download Dead City apk below.


download dead city apk

Official Description

The last survivor takes on the rest of the world gone zombie!
Who will come victorious? Prove your valor in [Dead City], the ultimate shooting action.

Game in English and supports Korean, Japanese, and Chinese..

After the nuclear war, humanity is no more. Except…. me.
D-virus turned the rest of the world into zombies. Now kill or be killed!
Shoot in all directions infinitely, or go for the one-shot-one-kill head shot! Overcome tight situations with special skills firing up the whole screen!
Run over the zombies with a vehicle, feel the adrenaline rush! Survive zombie hell!

Game Features:
Racing Action Mode

  • Collect oils to play the Racing Action Mode!
  • Take out many zombies at once with a vehicle
  • 5 vehicles, upgrade as much as 10 times

Over 40 weapons and armors

  • 24 various armors
  • 18 various weapons
  • All weapons and armors can be upgraded up to 10~20 times!

Fire in all directions

  • Direct yet simple controls. Feel the action in your fingertip!

Countless missions

  • Success at missions gets you more weapons and armors

Download Dead City APK

Dead City requires an Android device running on Android 2.1 OS and up, and will consume around 27MB of your storage space. You can download the latest Dead City here.



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